The following two weeks will develop at least two powerful Atlantic cyclones impacting Western Europe.

A powerful storm Ciaran will bring violent winds, huge amounts of rain, and increasing flooding. The UK, Ireland, France, and Benelux will be in the hot spot this week and the next weekend.

The unusual weather pattern established over the North Atlantic and Europe over the last few weeks will continue and worsen as we head into November.

The historically warm North Atlantic ocean water temperatures will support violent extratropical storm development towards Europe.

The first Atlantic storm Ciaran is coming up Thursday this week, with rapid cyclogenesis occurring before the major impact with violent, hurricane-force winds and heavy rain squalls blast into Ireland, the UK, the English Channel, northern France, and Benelux on Thursday.

Storm Ciarán will also affect the Czech Republic with strong south-easterly winds, particularly in the eastern half of the country, later on Thursday and into the night on Friday.

“The maximum wind gusts should be between 55 and 70 kilometres per hour, and around 90 kilometres per hour in higher and mountainous areas,” the CNMI said, adding that the forecast would be refined according to the situation.

A new bench has been installed in Prague to honor a Czech politician, but locals and experts have reacted negatively, calling it a “terrible waste of money”.

Prague 15 proudly announced on social media the unveiling of a bench-shaped monument dedicated to Antonín Švehla, a native of Hostivař and a member of the Agrarian Party.

However, the public’s response has been far from positive. Artist Pavel Karous considers the failure to hold a competition for the design to be the biggest mistake.

“Come to Hostivař and take a seat on the newly inaugurated Švehla bench,” the Prague 15 municipality invited via a Facebook post on Sunday, marking the 150th anniversary of Antonín Švehla’s birth and the 90th anniversary of his passing.

Švehla was a politician during the First Republic.

“In honor of this remarkable individual, a bench was unveiled yesterday on the banks of the Botič River, nestled among mature trees. Alongside it, an information board has been erected to commemorate the life of this man.”

Unattractive, impractical, and nondescript

However, individuals who commented on the post expressed their dissatisfaction with this new addition to the public space. Apart from its aesthetics, they particularly criticize its impracticality.

They believe that the shapeless metal silhouette of Švehla will become uncomfortably hot in the summer and freezing in the winter.

Article by Brandes Gress, teacher at Cherry Tree, English speaking preschool in the heart of Vinohrady.

5. Dětské hřiště pod Rapidem – Nad Primaskou 2468/1A, 100 00 Praha 10-Vinohrady

Nestled in the back of Vinohrady between the Strašnická metro stop and the University Hospital, lies a beautiful playground equipped with small built-in trampolines, an enclosed sandbox, and a play structure. This park’s most prominent feature is the rubberized surface that has been designed to resemble the solar system.

This is not only fun, but also educational, plus it gives the park a softer surface for when the astronauts crash-land. Although this park has fencing around the sandbox, it is not fully enclosed which can make it difficult to keep children in, and dogs out. Another noteworthy feature (or lack thereof) is this park does not have a public toilet, which could be difficult for children who are potty-training or prefer privacy.

Dětské hřiště pod Rapidem

4.   Dětské hřiště Folimanka – Park Folimanka, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha 2

 This playground sits at the base of Folimanka shaded by trees and the surrounding buildings. It is completely enclosed giving parents with multiple children (or really fast ones) peace of mind. The sandbox has a selection of toys perfect for archeological adventures or baking cakes, yum!

The play structure has climbing features, slides, and a zip-line so children will always have something to do. This park does not have a toilet inside the fenced area but has access to a toilet just outside of the fence. Around the park, there are courts for volleyball, tennis, basketball, etc. which can appeal to older children too.

Dětské hřiště Folimanka

3. Dětské Hřiště Havlíčkovy Sady – Rybalkova 59, 120 00 Vinohrady

Havlíčkovy Sady is known for its beautiful Grotta and sweeping views of Prague, but it is also home to a lovely playground suitable for children of all ages. This is another fully enclosed park, but unlike the first two, this one has toilets within the fenced area. The toilets and playground area are cleaned regularly, which makes it an extremely clean park.

Although the entire playground is covered with sand, it also has a sizable sandbox with toys which is great for children who can’t get enough of it. It also has a tall play structure with climbing sections, slides, a big truck to ride in, and a “pulley” system for kids to transport items up or down.

Dětské Hřiště Havlíčkovy Sady

2. Dětské hřiště U Vodárny – Slezská 1486/68, 130 00 Vinohrady

In the heart of Vinohrady there rests a beautiful wooden park. It’s notable wooden tower is a child-friendly replica of the Vinohradská vodárna just behind the park. This park has a sandbox, swings, climbing structures, a boat, and lots of space for running around. In the summertime a giant colorful trampoline is installed to amplify the fun! This playground also has toilets inside the fenced area, and nearby there are basketball courts for older children who are practicing for the NBA. 

Dětské hřiště U Vodárny

1.  Dětské hřiště U Draka – Riegrovy sady 28, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady

Commonly known as the Dragon Park, this playground is loved by parents and children alike. It’s spacious, has every amenity imaginable, and has panoramic views of Prague. Just a stone’s throw away from the infamous Riegrovy Beer Garden, the Dragon Park has swings for all ages, a big sandbox with toys, several climbing structures with big slides, a two-tier spacious fenced area, and accessible toilets.

Children can spend many hours here playing on the dragon structure, sliding down tunneled slides, and spinning on the turnstile swing, and afterwards parents can enjoy a beer or a snack at the beer garden.

Dětské hřiště U Draka

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