Best Universities In Prague For International Students

Prague has always been a hot spot for international students, as it is one of the educational hubs of the Czech Republic that invites learners from all over the world.

Prague is not only one of the best places to learn, but also a wonderful city that is affordable and offers a great cultural life.  Once you arrive in Prague and make friends locally, you will never want to leave!

Best Universities in Prague for International Students

1. Charles University

It is placed in the fifth spot in the EECA listing. It offers 17 faculties and hosts more than 50,000 students. Charles University is one of the friendliest institutions for students that want to join international programs. What makes it even better is that it supports over 200 exchange universities all over the world.

The medieval campus alone is worth getting enrolled in, as it is one of the best environments that provides a true sense of
visiting the Czech Republic.

2. Czech Technical University

It is one of the largest universities in the country. Czech Technical University offers over 100-degree programs with a focus on engineering and Data Science. It hosts 24,000 learners and has numerous laboratories. If you want to approach innovations, take a closer look at the course information and see the latest top apps for students to make sure that you know how to study in a modern way.

By joining Czech Technical University, you will encounter amazing learning methods. Even if you do not want to
choose technical subjects, there are many courses like Business Management and Social Media Marketing among others.

3. Prague City University

It is an English-language private university that belongs to modern institutions.

Remember that tuition fees are absent for citizens of all nationalities, except for the admission proceedings and various administrative fees. As an exchange student, it is a great way to save some funds. It has amazing instructors and a friendly community where you can study Psychology, Education, English Literature, and History.

There will be a plethora of written assignments, which is why you should consider finding a affordable essay writing service. If you need someone to proofread your writing or an expert to help you choose a competitive topic, it is the way to go! Always take time to learn and ask for help when you feel confused and cannot cope with your homework duties.

4. Anglo-American University

It is one of the best universities to consider in Prague, as it has many subjects where English is used as the primary of education. It means that you won't have to worry about speaking Czech. Furthermore, AAU also has online courses, which will help you to travel the country as you do not have to spend your time in Prague alone.

Choose Your Academic Path in Prague

While there are no limitations regarding what you would like to learn, colleges and universities in Prague are best for legal studies, healthcare, education, mathematics, and social studies. Still, what makes Prague one of the best places is that you can
continue with approved courses that are provided by U.S. universities.

It means that you can become an exchange student and continue with your studies as you travel. Most importantly, 18 universities in the Czech Republic can be encountered in the top 300 rankings as listed by the QS EECA. These and other reasons we stated will surely convince you to choose Prague for your international studies!

As an educator and global content writer, Melony likes to explore the world of education and technology. Her posts offer innovative ideas and tips that all her readers appreciate and use. Follow Melony to learn something new and get inspired.

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