Jan 11, 2024

Czech TV Building Vandalised for its Israel-Hamas War Coverage

Unidentified vandals attacked the Czech Television (CT) building in Prague on Wednesday, leaving a sign criticising the way the public broadcaster reports on the war between Israel and Hamas, CT Director Jan Souček said on Wednesday.

“CT was the subject of an attack by vandals this morning, when part of our premises, the southern gatehouse, the facade and the CT logo were defaced with red paint, and a sign was spray-painted on the sidewalk criticising CT’s approach to covering the conflict between Hamas and Israel,” Jan Souček, the director of Czech Television said during the meeting of the television’s board on Wednesday.

The act of vandalism is currently under investigation by local authorities, Czech News Agency reported.

Prague police spokesman Richard Hrdina said officers from the extremism and terrorism department had taken over the case. According to him, vandals committed the crime of damaging someone’s property.

The Czech Television management has commissioned an external analysis of news coverage of the Israel and Hamas conflict. The outcomes of the analysis are not yet available.

As previously reported, Czechia has historically strong ties with Israel and is among its vocal supporters.

For its pro-Israeli stance, it was even criticised by the representative of Human Rights Watch, who accused Czechia of an unbalanced view, focusing solely on the crimes of one side in the conflict, Hamás, despite the broader context of human rights violations.

Hamas attacked Israel on 7 October, which led to Israel striking back in an attack and total blockade of Gaza.

The Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip says 23,357 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli attacks since the start of the conflict.

South Africa has filed a case against Israel in the International Court of Justice for genocide against Palestinians, with hearings set to start this week.

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