How to Stop Checking Social Media

Find yourself checking social media constantly? Don’t worry, it’s an easy habit to fall into. However, you need to work hard to change your ways. No one wants to hang out with the person that is living their life through Instagram. Here’s how to stop checking social media.

Turn off your notifications

A notification is a big red flag that you have another message waiting for you. It’s much easier to click over and check your social media because that ping always draws your attention. You can stop this cycle easily by turning off notifications on your computer or phone. This way, you will be forced to open the app first before checking for new posts. You won’t be as tempted to check your social media when it is buried somewhere in a long list of applications.

Get a hobby

There’s no reason to check social media at three in the morning. Put your phone down and do something else. Get involved with a social cause or engage in a community project. Take up a hobby like painting, writing, knitting, etc. Social media will be there when you get back online.

Track your time spent on social media

Spending two hours a day on Facebook sounds bad, but it’s even worse when you track the amount of time you spend online. Get a timer and keep it near the computer to remind yourself that each minute counts as another dollar in Facebook’s bank account.

Find a new reason to check your phone

Checking your phone is addictive because it takes away from the boredom of doing work or chores. Instead of going on social media to escape, find a new purpose for checking your phone. For example, you could check out the best casino games, read an online article, or scroll through Quora.

Don’t use Instagram when you’re emotional

You’re more likely to post something rash or emotional when you’re angry, sad, or bored. What do all of those things have in common? They are all emotions that spur impulsive decision-making. If you find yourself logging on to Instagram after a fight with your spouse, take some time off instead of rushing to fix the issue via text. Also, don’t make life-altering decisions when you’re in a bad mood – it will only lead to regret later down the line.

Control your apps

Your friends are posting on social media, your ex is getting married or working out, and there’s a new viral meme going around. It’s natural to want to see what everyone is up to, but you should try and control your urge. You know it won’t end well if you click over.

Buy an old phone

For an extreme measure to kick the habit, buy an old model that you won’t use as a smartphone and then turn off social media on it.

That way, you can leave it at home all day while not worrying about logging onto Instagram or Facebook during work. You will eventually forget how your favorite social networks even look like so you can stay away from them for good.

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