Prague’s ‘Boat’ at Liben Completely Renovated and Re-Opens as ‘Bam Bu Dah’

After six months’ hard work and having dealt with all of the issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, Bam Bu Dah is delighted to announce that they’re now open and raring to go!

Aiming to become disruptors in the hospitality industry, creating safe and unforgettable experiences combining music, art, food, and fun, all in one venue, Bam Bu Dah is ready to offer something new and exciting – they want to become a gathering point for the local community as well as offering fantastic accommodation for visitors from around the world.

Unashamedly targeting millennials, they will appeal mostly to city residents and experienced travelers who are looking for something different and out of the ordinary.

The name Bam Bu Dah reflects its Asian fusion roots, with each of the 34 renovated suites being named after popular Asian cities and all decorated accordingly. With recipes drawn from a number of Asian destinations, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and Korea, in addition to the main restaurant menu, they’ll also be serving a more casual menu to go with the craft beer offerings on the top deck, such as fish and chips, burgers, and pizza.

With food being a vital part of the Bam Bu Dah experience, they will also be opening a Kitchen ‘Lab’ in August where guests will be able to try out and put their chef’s tasting menus to the test.

Supporting craft brewers, beers such as Muflon, Badflash and Raven will all be on tap, as well as their own two bespoke craft brews – BamBuDah and Frontline (the latter being a favorite amongst key frontline workers e.g. police, firefighters and medical teams whom Bam Bu Dah supported by providing free drink and food to during the initial pandemic lockdown).

They also plan to host Craft Beer festivals bringing together brewers from the Czech Republic as well as the rest of Europe.

Music-wise they will be giving DJ’s, local and international artists the freedom to experiment on the Top Deck as well as the brand-new club lounge. From Berlin-esque techno to monthly house music events and live jazz on Sundays, there is a huge line-up waiting to be rolled-out and guaranteed to appeal to a whole host of musical tastes.

As part of their Community offering, they will also be creating events especially geared to local startups. Every Thursday night they’ll be hosting the Bam Bu Dah TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) event – this will be the ultimate networking platform and go-to place for budding companies, freelancers, and large corporations to meet and network together.

To find out more about what to expect and what’s going on, check out their new website.


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