The Prague Hotels That Cater to Every Taste

Sitting in the centre of Europe, Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the continent.

Its beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, and impressive history combine with its convenient location between many large population centres to attract more than eight million tourists each year.

 If you’re thinking of joining them, then you’ll need somewhere to stay. So here are some of the best Prague hotels. 

 Hilton Prague

There are two Hilton hotels in Prague, offering very distinct experiences. Hilton Prague Old Town is, as the name suggests, located in the Old Town, surrounded by the city’s historic architecture. Hilton Prague, on the other hand, is located on the banks of the Vltava, offering stunning views across the city. 

This modern hotel looks clean and modern both outside and in. The building’s lobby is open and spacious and has been packed with trees and other foliage to create a tropical feel.

Hilton Prague is also home to Casino Atrium, which offers a wide selection of games to its customers. You’ll find popular options like roulette, slots and poker available on the gaming floor, alongside a game called pontoon. This card game has most of the same features and mechanics as blackjack since it also requires players to make a hand of 21 from the cards they are dealt. However, there are a few minor differences, such as being able to double down when they have more than two cards. 


Hotel International Prague

Prague has a broad mix of different architectural styles, though, of course, its red roofs are the most famous. However, standing in contrast to the medieval and gothic constructions in the Old Town, the Hotel International Prague is a Stalinist-era edifice that was originally built to celebrate the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic. 

It shares many similarities with Moscow’s Seven Sisters and the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science, including the large tower in the middle of two shorter annexes that come together to create a striking symmetrical structure. 

While the outside is very Soviet-esque, the inside has recently been refurbished to keep it looking fresh. However, the mid-20th century wood panelling, high ceilings and marble have all been retained. 

The views from the upper floors are spectacular too, so try and get a room near the top if you can. 

BoHo Prague

BoHo Prague is the exact opposite of the Hotel International. Part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World Group, it offers modern decor and facilities in the heart of the Old Town. Although it’s small on the outside, the rooms are spacious enough to comfortably store you and your travel companion and all the luggage you’ll bring with you. 

The full-length windows offer excellent views over the city, while outside your room you’ll find plenty of facilities, including a restaurant, lounge, bar, fitness centre and spa.  


Mosaic House Design Hotel

This sustainable eco-hotel undertook a complete refurbishment in 2020, meaning it offers up a fresh look and feel to its guests. It strikes the perfect balance between modern and traditional stylings, with rooms that feel modern but homely and a lobby that feels like it would be in keeping with both the palace and a tech company’s HQ. 

The guest reviews following the refurbishment are glowing and the hotel’s prices are incredibly competitive, making it one of the best value options in the city. 

The Mosaic House Design Hotel is also packed with plenty of amenities too, including electric vehicle charging stations, a sauna, patio, swimming pool, spa, terrace, restaurant, and a bar. 


Mandarin Oriental Prague

The Mandarin Oriental Prague is a hotel like no other. Built inside a 14th-century monastery on the banks of the Vltava, it serves up an experience that you won’t find anywhere else. You don’t lose out on any of the mod cons you’d expect, but the Mandarin Oriental provides them in rooms with curved walls and windows, a peaceful courtyard garden, and majestic views of the castle and over the river. 

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