Tips To Travel The World As A Translator

The world has become interconnected, and one can almost travel to any part with much ease. The demand for translators has thus increased.

Translators are needed to translate a diverse range of materials ranging from works of literature, articles, travel catalogues and brochures, and technical manuals.

Firms and corporations constantly hire seasoned professional and freelance translators ready to offer quality and reliable translation services. This, therefore, means that you should be prepared to work in any part of the world to serve professionally.

Here are some tips to help you serve as a translator across the world;

  • Zone in on more specialities

It is common practice for most translators to specialize in other areas of translation like legal, financial, literary, medical, travel, and marketing. You shouldn’t be bound only to these. You can specialize in a unique field like cardiology or even poetry and the arts. It is essential to choose as a familiar subject of specialization as a translator, choose a subject which you are more familiar with vocabulary.

As a translator, you mostly work with written texts, translating from a weaker language to a stronger one. A strong language is typically known as a native language, mother tongue, or target language. Translators mainly master a few weak languages and one strong language. The weaker languages are learnt after the native language and are customarily called second languages. To ensure quality, a translator should translate into their native language due to the excellent grasp of the native language.

  • Advance your marketing skills

Begin by setting up a website for yourself that includes the services you offer, rates, references to previous works, and your contact information. This helps streamline your services as a translator and works as a presentation card as you approach potential clients. The website will be an essential tool for approaching agencies and corporations.

To streamline your marketing skills, all you have to do is map your potential clients and prepare a presentation email and a report containing all you have to offer. An experience in online marketing will come in handy in making your website visible. Visibility is more crucial in a world that lives online.

  • Expand your horizon

As a translator, you can work at a wide range of platforms, ranging from;

  • Business meetings
  • Political functions
  • International conferences
  • Hospitals
  • Courtrooms
  • Multinational corporations

Besides fluency in languages, it is crucial to be well vast in the different cultures using these languages. You can achieve this by traveling the world and reading widely about these cultures whose languages you work with.

  • Travel the world

To be good as a translator travelling the world due to work, it would be great if you have already travelled the world or at least travelled to places where your languages of specialization are spoken.

This goes a long way in helping you familiarize yourself with the language and the culture, local slang you won’t find in study materials, and colloquialisms. 

You don’t have to have travelled the world to be a good translator, but doing so gives you an extra edge and experience.

  • Find and connect with clients.

There are a number of online resources that you can use to find and connect with clients. There are bidding sites where a client posts a job, and translators get to contact them with a price quotation and detailed information on their skills. From here, the profile that best matches the job requirements gets the job.

Some sites offer free access for translators to find clients. These sites post several translation jobs, the list you can look at here at IsAccurate to find the best that suits you.”


Undoubtedly, travelling is unavoidable as a translator. The world is constantly mushrooming into one global village. The need to interact in various spheres of life is constantly rising, giving rise to qualified location independent translators. It is also advisable to get a degree or a diploma in translation if you are a translator who happens to have been brought up in a bi- or trilingual household. This will go a long way in helping you avoid some of the common mistakes made by beginner translators.  Travelling is attractive and appealing to translators, thus making the job more appealing.

Author’s Bio

Melony Hart is a freelance translator who has travelled the world to work since 2013. She shares valuable tips for translators travelling for work. When she is not translating, she is out with her dog.

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