Where You Can Pick Cherries For Free in Prague

The sweet cherry season has begun. For berry lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, this means it’s time to get outside, enjoy the sun, and go to one the many public parks in Prague where one can pick cherries and other fruits for free.

The city of Prague owns 36 orchards, where anyone who wants to can pick fruit, either as a sweet snack on a picnic, or to bring home for later. It is completely legal to pick the fruit and is there for the public to enjoy. Besides the orchards, there are also plenty of trees around Prague where one can pick and eat the fruit.

A complete map is available online. The map also shows areas around the entire Czech Republic, and parts of Europe where people can pick fruit for free, a good way for fruit lovers to pick their next weekend trip.

The map is a project created and run by a group of fruit lovers called Na Ovoce, which translates to “On the Fruit” in English. Na Ovoce created the website mapping out areas where one can legally go to pick fruit, herbs, and other vegetation with the goal of avoiding waste and supporting a more environmentally sustainable community. The map works on a community basis, so users can add places to the map that they have found themselves.

There is also an app version of the map available on both iOS and Android platforms. This mobile-based map allows people to find and pick fruit on the go. While there are many things to criticize about relying on technology, Na Ovoce is an interesting take on ways to use technology to bring people together, get outside, and consume responsibly.

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