Apr 09, 2024

10 Minutes or Pay: Prague Airport Tightens Free Parking Window

Václav Havel Airport in Prague is shortening the amount of free time allowed for picking up or dropping off passengers at the terminals.

Currently, drivers have 15 minutes to park, unload luggage, and say their goodbyes. However, this grace period will be reduced to 10 minutes starting May 2024.

The change comes after data analysis by the airport revealed that 90% of drivers can manage their drop-off or pick-up within a 10-minute window. “This adjustment will only impact a small portion of our clientele,” said Jakub Puchalský, a member of the airport’s board of directors.

For those who require more than 10 minutes, the airport will offer 15-minute extensions for 50 CZK in the P1 and P2 express car parks. This maintains the current total cost of parking for under an hour, as 30 minutes currently costs 100 CZK.

The airport is also investing in upgrades to improve the parking experience. This includes new barrier systems, license plate recognition technology, and additional cameras in the parking garage.

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Additionally, Terminal 2 passengers will gain access to the PB Economy car park, which will be converted into a 70-space express car park in May.

It will increase the total number of express parking options in front of the airport to 350.

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