Nov 06, 2019

13 Places in Prague for Meat and Fresh Fish

Buying quality meat or fresh fish is sometimes a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, tons of quality butchers and fishermen have recently opened, and even the classic meat shops are still in service.

Below is a list of where to purchase your meats.

Naše Maso

One of the most famous butcher shop in Prague. All meat comes from Czech farms. Beef is from the breed of honor and pork from the Prestice pigs. In Our Meat, they personally supervise the slaughter of animals. They cut the meat and let it mature. Whole quarters are left hanging for 7 to 14 days at low temperature(s) to give the meat the best possible taste.

  • Purchase: beef, pork, poultry, lamb, veal
  • Address: Dlouhá 39, Prague 1 or shop online

OUR TIP: Aged Wagyu – Wagyu meat comes originally from Kobe, Japan. It has a very intense taste, distinctive marbling, and is the most expensive beef in the world. In Our Meat, you will get a so-called Kobe-style, which is not pure Wagyu, but a combination of 75% Wagyu breed and 25% Angus. The meat is 60 days old and comes from the Krontorád family farm in Sloupnice. Quite expensive but one must have a taste once!

Source: Nase Maso on Facebook

Břevnovské řeznictví

Much has been written about the end of Mr. Kšána’s legendary butcher shop in Břevnov, and this has caused great sadness to most meat lovers. Fortunately, a couple of clever heads came together and decided to continue the long-standing tradition of the local butcher shop, which has been operating there since the 1950s (formally ran by the Hen family). The original staff agreed and under the leadership of Mr. Makara the new butchers embarked on a difficult job. However, it seems that their efforts paid off and you can get really good meat from Czech farms.

  • Purchase: beef, pork, poultry, game
  • Address: Patočkova 1459/73 Prague 6 or you can shop online

Maso Turek

In 1992 Tomáš Turek founded the company Maso Turek. It operates a shop in the center of Prague –Jindřišská Street—and offers its customers a wide range of meat, poultry, smoked and delicatessen products, cheese, fresh bread, and drinks. Maso Turek prides itself on the selection of the highest quality products and prefers Czech producers and processors of meat and poultry.

  • Purchase: pork, beef, veal, lamb, poultry, game
  • Address: Jindřišská 875/23, Prague 1


Rybistro fishpond can be found in Prague on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. It combines fresh fish/seafood dishes with a bistro shop. The chilled fish and seafood are delivered with unmatched freshness and quality. Fish on certified farms fed with natural foods only.

  • Purchase: salmon, tuna, trout, cod, perch, calamari, shrimp, oysters
  • Address: Jiriho z Podebrad 11, Prague 3

OUR TIP: Oysters imported 3 times a week directly from France. Also you can buy a bottle of champagne at Le Caveau right next door!

Source: Rybistro on Facebook

Smíchovské uzeniny

František Kratochvíl’s Smíchovské uzeniny company was established in 1992 as a family-owned company with a tradition of butchers’ masters handed down from generation to generation. It is a member of the Association of Meat Processors. The company owns several certificates.

  • Purchase: pork, beef, poultry, lamb, game
  • Address: Nádražní 56/106, Prague 5

JaMi Božská hostina

Cofounders of the banquet are life partners Jaroslava and Miroslav Juhász. Jarka comes from the Uhrů family, who owns the Ekofarma Pond that sells meat. Jarka gained sufficient experience with meat on the farm (from animal husbandry, through slaughter and cutting up, to culinary preparation).

  • Purchase: beef, (young bull, heifer, cow), pork, mutton, lamb, game – all in organic quality
  • Address: Boleslavova 17, Prague 4 – Nusle, markets at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square (Wednesday and Saturday) or online


The history of Terry’s (before SelaVita) began in 2010. It was at that time that a group of enthusiasts, gourmets and professionals gathered together. They set out to treat Czech connoisseurs of first-class mature steak meat from the continent that is famous for it. And so great steaks from South America started to be imported.

  • Purchase: beef from Argentina, Uruguay but also from Czech breeds, hop pork (pigs fed with a special mixture with hops), veal, game
  • Address: Italská 17, Prague 2 or online


Makro has a large assortment of both meat and fish (everything chilled and frozen form). The downside is that you must have a special card that entitles you to buy.

  • Purchase: everything – meat, fresh fish/seafood
  • Address: Black Bridge (Chlumecká 2424, Prague), Stodůlky (Jeremiášova 1249/7), Průhonice (U Makra 102)

Real Meat Society

Established in 2010 with the first butcher shop opened in the Czech Republic. Meat processed from pasturage animals only. Yet, they turn out tender and tasty. You can buy first-class beef or Prestice pork today.

  • Purchase: beef, pork, mutton
  • Address: Náplavní 2011/5, Prague 2

OUR TIP: Meat crates and bags are prepared according to the season so you can taste interesting pieces of meat and cook something new at home. Recipes are also available for inspiration.

Source: Real Meat Society on Facebook

Rybárny Praha

“Our main concern is to have the same filament of fish in your pan as when you buy a chicken or bull steak, which is what we want to differentiate from the big chains in Rybárny. Our aim and wish are to offer our customers a wide assortment of fresh freshwater and sea fish of high quality at reasonable prices,” commented Martin Fanta, manager of the shop.

  • Purchase: a wide selection of both freshwater and saltwater fish
  • Address: Sokolovská 570/310, Prague 9-Vysočany

Šumavská zvěřina

This company has been selling venison since 1996. From the very beginning, this family business has placed great emphasis on high quality, solid conduct and a personal approach to each customer. Most of the game is bought from Bohemian Forest, Central Bohemia, and South Bohemia. The company holds the certificate “ŠUMAVA original product” and the award “Klasa” for three products (chilled boneless deer leg, chilled boneless venison leg, and chilled wild pig leg).

  • Purchase: wild boar, deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon, pheasant, guinea fowl, eagle, mallard, hare
  • Address: online at eshop


Founded by Christopher Robertson in April 2003. Today, the company is one of the most respected traditional butcher shops in the city, and at the same time the operator of very successful delicacies and specialty stores. Robertson stores have become very popular among Prague citizens for their wide range of meat and other products.

  • Purchase: beef, pork, veal, lamb, rabbit, fish
  • Address: Nuselská 60, Prague 4, or online

Masna Kozí

A genuine Czech meat shop, where you can find everything from Czech meat and foreign breeds, through selective sausages from our own production, to cheeses from small Hollander and French producers. They know each other personally and thus guarantee the highest possible quality of the assortment.

  • Purchase: beef, pork, and others according to the current offer
  • Address: Kozí 9, Prague 1


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