May 01, 2024

16,000-Seat Arena to Host Winter Hockey Games Spectacle in Prague

Mark your calendars for a spectacular hockey celebration in Prague this December!

As the web portal reports, from December 5th to 8th, the Letna plain in Prague 7 will transform into a winter hockey showcase, hosting a unique event called the Winter Hockey Games.

You can attend a mix of university games, top-tier league clashes, a Slovak league match, and even an exhibition featuring hockey legends. The German DEL league will also join the event.

A special arena with a capacity of over 16,000 will be the epicenter of this hockey celebration. “We’re excited to offer Czech fans the chance to witness top-level hockey from three Central European countries,” says Andrea Barsony from the organizing agency Eniva.

The event kicks off on Thursday, December 5th, with the Czech and Slovak university teams battling for the Prague Cup. Friday brings an extra-league game between Škoda Plzeň and Motor České Budějovice, followed by a Saturday showdown between Sparta Prague and Kometa Brno.

Sunday promises an unforgettable finale: a battle of hockey legends. “Expect high-quality play and intense emotions,” says Barsony, “as traditional rivals face off on the ice.”

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The organizers are also aiming to bring in some NHL stars. Former Czech national team captain Jakub Voráček hinted at the possibility of reuniting the legendary “Legion of Doom” line, potentially joined by players like Wayne Simmonds.

“Prague has a special atmosphere before Christmas, it could be very appealing,” Voráček added.

For more details about the Winter Hockey Games 2024, visit our dedicated article HERE.

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