Oct 08, 2023

5 Tips for Autumn Walks in the Czech Countryside

Autumn in Czechia sees nature take on a whole new coat of colours; the sun is still warm and there are lots of opportunities to enjoy some unforgettable adventures out in the bosom of nature.

This is the ideal time for hiking trips, either a day’s walking or longer treks lasting a few days. We present a few routes that are really worth trying!


Trail through the Lužnice Valley

This beautiful walk takes you into the heart of a typical Czech landscape, which is especially impressive in the autumn. This one is known as Toulava, or the Wandering Trail. It takes you through the deep valley of the Lužnice River in South Bohemia, lined with trees in all their autumn glory. Along the way, you come across places such as Tábor and Bechyně, where you can admire the beautiful sights in their historical centres and savour their unique genius loci.

The trail through the Lužnice Valley stands out as the first route in Czechia to have achieved the prestigious Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe certification. The trail starts in Planá nad Lužnicí and ends beyond where the Lužnice and Vltava rivers meet in Týn nad Vltavou. The trail is a total of 55 km long and is divided into stages spread across four days.

Ridge Route: A tip for true mountaineers

The historical Ridge Route (Hřebenovka), which dates back to 1902, takes you along some of the most notable parts of the Czech countryside along Czechia’s northern border. The route starts in the Jeseníky Mountains and runs through the Eagle and Jizera Mountains with the Jizera Mountain Beech Forest, a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site, the Giant Mountains, Bohemian Switzerland as far as the Ore Mountains.

You can climb Praděd and Sněžka, the two highest mountains in the country, or admire Pravčice Gate, the largest sandstone arch in Europe. The route takes in a number of Czech mountain ranges, giving you the unique opportunity to explore the countryside in all its diversity. We recommend that you plan your trip properly, as there are several options for which way to go.


Beer trails for lovers of the Czech liquid gold

Beer trails are the perfect choice for beer and nature lovers. They combine some exercise in the fresh air with the chance to taste the best that Czech breweries have to offer! You can enjoy a wander through the countryside, discover some historical and modern breweries, call in at traditional pubs and freshen up with a glass of delicious Czech beer.

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Each trail has its own unique appeal, but they all have one thing in common: the beauty of nature coupled with the charm of traditional Czech brewing. There are several trails to choose from – you can take a beer trail in the Giant Mountains, in South Bohemia or in the Plzeň region.


Kralický Sněžník and Dolní Morava

If you’re looking for a way of spending an active long weekend with the whole family, this place on the boundary between East Bohemia and Moravia is a must. Besides the wonderful footpaths and bike trails along Kralický Sněžník or in the Rychleby Mountains, there are also plenty of attractions for children.

A mammoth bobsled run, the Sky Walk  and many other sports and tourist attractions. If you’re an adrenalin junkie, you’re sure to love the bike and adrenalin parks there. And the high point of it all is the Sky Bridge 721, the world’s longest suspension bridge, which offers breathtaking views of the countryside in all its beautiful autumn colours.


Don’t believe in doing things by half? The Czech Trail

Want to experience something you’ll remember for the rest of your life? Try walking at least part of the 2,000 km Czech Trail. This footpath is the first official border-to-border hike across Czechia and offers the chance to walk across the whole country from east to west and back.

You can choose either the northern or southern route. The hike gives you the chance to explore the Czech landscape in all its many forms, and as Czechia is surrounded by mountains on all sides, you’ll be walking through beautiful countryside all the time.

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