May 18, 2021

7 Quick Ways to Increase YouTube Engagement

Throughout this article, we will be discussing 7 quick ways to increase your YouTube engagement.

Creating a following on social media is never an easy thing to do which is why we wanted to share a few tips and tricks that we have learned along the way.  Engagement on YouTube can quickly snowball, resulting in more subscribers, increased ad revenue, and can even end with you being recognized by others as a social media influencer.

Create valuable content

So, what is it that will draw the most users to your YouTube channel? The answer is valuable and relevant content catered to your specific audience. Asking yourself questions such as “What content does my audience want to see?” and “How can I make this message clearer for my target market?” will help you establish what is working and where there is room for improvement. 

The more valuable the substance you are generating is and the better that the information is presented, the more engagement your videos will garner. If you haven’t already, take the time to watch a few videos that have been posted by other content originators in your niche. Is there a topic that they are talking about that you haven’t touched on? If so, there may be some more valuable content that you can create to drive views.

Respond to comments

While you don’t have to respond to each comment that your video receives, it is important to reply to as many as you possibly can. Even if a comment does not contain a question or seems to be text that can easily be replied to, offering that user a like or just a quick “thanks” can go a long way. The more comments that you respond to, the more likely other users are to participate with your educational or entertaining content.  

Commenting can help to bolster the fact that every content creator on YouTube has a personality of their own outside of just their videos. 

 An issue can suddenly arise when your channel is not receiving a lot of comments on recent videos.

Do bots on YouTube have any impact to increase engagement? Is there anything else that a new YouTuber can do to produce comments on their own videos?

There are a few top-rated marketing sites and you can choose one that allows you to create unique YouTube comments that will help to encourage other viewers to watch your cinematic post and make a new comment of their own. 

Encouraging onlookers to and subscribe

The average spectator on YouTube doesn’t necessarily think to hit the subscribe button for every channel where they view a video. An individual viewer may be on their laptop, watching the video on their television or even their phone where the subscribe button is not necessarily as accessible. It may sound cliché but asking viewers to subscribe at the conclusion of your film does work. 

There are plenty of tactics to accomplish this goal including inserting an intro or outro to address unsubscribed users or even a small lower third banner. In the past couple of years, it has become even more common to see YouTubers adding graphics and even arrows that point to the subscribe button and notifications bell.

The risk with encouraging viewers to click on that subscribe button is the possibility of distracting them from your primary video to the point that the value you are providing the viewer is diminished. If you are going to include an encouragement for viewers to subscribe, it’s always recommended that you keep it short and sweet. For this reason, a lot of YouTubers have settled for a lower thirds graphic or short outro as discussed above.

Embrace call to action statements

In the marketing world, any statement that urges a consumer to make a decision is considered a call-to-action statement. On YouTube, the below call-to-action statements are used by some of the top users to boost their following, increase likes and improve engagement overall. 

  • Don’t leave this channel without subscribing for more content
  • Be sure to like, comment and subscribe!
  • If you are enjoying the entertainment, be sure to like this video
  • And more!


Be careful, it is possible to enter to many CTA AKA call-to-action statements into your video. If you end up flooding what used to be valuable content with too many CTA’s, you will end up with a salesy tone that most channels want to avoid. Finding the balance may be difficult at first but if you are responding to comments and seeking feedback you should be able to locate the sweet spot that increases engagement the most. 

Don’t be afraid to over explain

When it is inevitably time to explain a new topic that you will be discussing or time to introduce a fresh video, don’t be afraid to go into depth when explaining the premise or takeaways that a viewer should be aware of.  It’s very easy for content creators to make assumptions about what viewers may know and not know but the truth is, base knowledge is going to be different for each visitor to your channel. 

While some of your viewers may be long-time lovers of your content, others may just be arriving for the first time. If a first-time viewer of one of your YouTube productions misses out on an inside joke or is not up to date on a current series, it may leave them feeling left out. A great solution for this issue is to direct new users or watchers who may have stumbled onto your channel to a video where they can learn more and gain a bit of context prior to proceeding. 

Create a constant, reliable YouTube upload schedule

Take the time right now to create a document on your computer so that you can begin to organize your upload schedule. Regular posts and the creation of a solid upload schedule are two of the best ways for new YouTubers and established content creators alike to create higher levels of engagement on their channels.  

As a creator you should be actively considering how many videos you are able to film, edit and post every month and then determine the best days of the week and times throughout the day for posting. Based on the data that the app provides creators, when does your current audience spend their time online? By doing a bit of research and referring to your schedule on a weekly basis, you’ll find that you can establish an audience that appears on your outlet just seconds after a film is posted. 

Cross post on other social platforms

If you are having trouble driving traffic to your newly posted YouTube videos, cross posting your uploads across other social media platforms can be extremely beneficial.  If you have a following on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or any other popular site, use those audiences to drive engagement on your YouTube channel. 

A simple post such as “Hey all, check out my newest upload over on the YouTube app.  For more films be sure to subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss any new content!” can help to transition your following from one app to another.  


Using the seven quick ways to boost your engagement listed above you’ll be able to acquire more subscribers, compile likes and appeal to new watchers and onlookers you may not have known existed previously. Are you ready to get started? The influx of viewers could only be a few days away!



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