Apr 11, 2024

American Fast Food Chains Eyeing Expansion into Czech Republic

Get ready for more burger options! Popular American fast food chains Wendy’s and Five Guys are setting their sights on the Czech Republic market.

American fast food chains are setting their sights on the Czech Republic market. Wendy’s, the world’s third-largest hamburger chain with over 7,000 locations, and Rave Restaurant Group, which operates Pie Five and Pizza Inn, are seeking franchise partners to expand into Central Europe, including the Czech Republic.

The announcement was made at the U.S. Embassy in Prague on Wednesday.

Wendy’s is famous for its square hamburgers and spicy chicken sandwiches. “We’re looking for a franchisee to introduce our popular menu and exceptional dining experience to Czech customers,” the company stated in a press release on the embassy’s website.

Pie Five, another brand under Rave Restaurant Group, offers customizable pizzas made with fresh ingredients, prepared to order in under five minutes.

Following the successful launch of Louisiana-based Popeyes last year, another popular American chain, Five Guys, is expected to arrive in the Czech Republic this year.

Five Guys focuses on offering juicy burgers with generous portions of meat, at slightly higher prices than other fast-food options. Their first branch is expected to open in Prague on Národní třída, occupying the renovated space of the former Máj department store.

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Construction is expected to be completed by early summer.

The influx of American franchises extends beyond fast food. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, with over 20 hotel brands including Baymont, Days Inn, and La Quinta, is also seeking franchise operators in the Czech Republic.

Finally, Mobile Outfitters, a US company specializing in mobile phone accessories like screen protectors, is searching for partners to expand into the Czech market.

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