April 14th: Soup Festival in Prague

Soup festival will take place at Smíchovská náplavka on April 14th.

“Polívkování” (the name comes from Polívka = a soup) offers a huge variety of soups from around the world.

Visitors can try typical Czech soups like potatoes, dill or tripe soup  (bramboračka, kulajda or dršťkovka) but there will be also a wide selection of international soups like Russian borsch, Mexican chipotle, Malaysian laksa, French bouillabaisse, Vietnamese pho, Spanish cocido, Moroccan harira or Japanese ramen. Veggie lovers can look forward to vegetable soups and other vegetarian recipes. 

There will be an option to buy some freshly baked pastry and something to drink like hot ciders, wines and Czech beers. 

Admission: 50CZK

Official event on Facebook 

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