Sep 21, 2023

September 29-October 5: Architecture Day Opens Buildings in Prague and Across Czechia

Prague Morning

Prague Morning

This fall again, the KRUH association in cooperation with local-based organizations and initiatives is organizing the nationwide festival known as Architecture Day, with many Czech and Moravian cities, towns, and other municipalities of all magnitudes engaging in its numerous events.

This year’s 13th edition will run between 29 September and 5 October.

Architecture Day is not just about walks, but also bike rides, cruises, screenings, discussions, workshops for families, art installations, and happenings. And the associated festival Film and Architecture.

Historical highlights in Prague are the Judith Bridge Tower on the Malá Strana side of Charles Bridge, the Baroque summer residence Portheimka, and Veleslavín Chataeu.

Modern examples include the Cubist-style House of the Black Madonna, the former art nouveau Gráf Hotel in I.P. Pavlova, the industrial premises of a former Praga car factory, the functionalist building of the Edison Transformation Station by architect František A. Libra, a boiler room designed by Karel Prager, and a complex of a water tower, among several others.

The festival takes place in an average of 85 towns and villages or venues each year, with more than 350 events taking place over the course of a week.

Despite the difficult pandemic situation in 2020 and 2021, a historical record was set with a total of 399 events taking place in 105 cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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About KRUH

A civic association KRUH (Circle) was founded in 2001 by a group of architecture students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and it is the only NGO, which operates professionally and continually within the architecture field nowadays. Focus of our activities lies in an ongoing cycle of lectures on architecture held by leading Czech and foreign architects and architecture critics. In addition to that, we have organized excursions to contemporary architectural realisations and film festivals.

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