Walking can be a way of life, but it is, above all, one of the easiest and most effective ways to understand the soul of a city, discover its secrets, and savor its atmosphere.

“Slow tourism” in other words, a more relaxed way of traveling and enjoying history and culture, which is at the same time freer and full of more surprises.

In a study conducted early this year by the GuruWalk community, focused on identifying the most walkable cities, Prague ranked seventh.

GuruWalk is an international community that provides free walking tours, connecting tourists with local guides in over 800 cities worldwide.

Prague made it to the top ten primarily thanks to the fact that most of its famous landmarks, such as Prague Castle, the Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge, are located relatively close to each other.

For history enthusiasts, there’s no better plan than taking a stroll through Prague´s picturesque streets and immersing oneself in its atmosphere.

For those who don´t want or can’t explore Prague solely on foot, this city still has plenty to offer. With its highly interconnected public transportation network, visitors are provided with endless options.

Tourists can easily purchase a ticket and explore various parts of the city using the metro, tram, bus, trolleybus, or even a ferry.

It’s no wonder that Prague ranked as the third European city most suitable for a visit this year according to data from VisaGuide.World.


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Prague 1 is set to revitalize Kampa Park next year, focusing on subtle adjustments to preserve its character.

Kampa Park’s development has been a long-standing topic. Before 2010, the municipal district planned a major CZK 100 million revitalization, including new ornamental and herb beds and an additional bridge.

However, these plans were abandoned due to public concerns over losing lawn areas where people like to relax.

The current town hall management is committed to involving the public in the design discussions.

“We agreed not to push for any big changes. We will take cautious steps,” commented Mayor Radoměřská. “We want Kampa to continue to be a wonderful place to live, welcoming day and night. Our goal is to maintain or improve what is good and remove what isn’t, working together with everyone who cares about Kampa.”

The discussion covered all the topics residents and visitors find important for the park’s renewal: greenery, paths, water and play elements, dogs, safety, and cultural events. The most debated topic was the bike path through the park and the coexistence of pedestrians and cyclists.

“We want the project to respect the conclusions of the participation. Primarily, we aim to repair the paths, the railings around Čertovka, and plant bushes and trees. We will also add drinking fountains,” she added.

The reconstruction could start as early as 2025. The plan also includes revitalizing Nostic’s garden, where the paths are in poor condition. The total cost will depend on the final design and extent of the improvements.

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The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) has issued its forecast for the coming week, predicting a significant rise in temperatures.

The tropical weather is set to start on Wednesday.

On Friday, expect partly cloudy skies and occasional morning fog. Cloud cover will increase from the west during the day, bringing light rain to Bohemia. Evening skies will clear up, and daytime temperatures will vary between 19 and 23 degrees.

Saturday’s weather will be partly cloudy, becoming more overcast in the afternoon and evening with showers and thunderstorms, particularly in Bohemia. Temperatures will rise to between 24 and 28 degrees, with around 20 degrees in the west.

Sunday will start cloudy to overcast, but clouds will decrease from the west throughout the day. Scattered showers are expected, with rain or thunderstorms likely in Moravia and Silesia. Daytime temperatures will be between 21 and 25 degrees, with light variable winds that may strengthen during storms.

Monday will be mostly partly cloudy with occasional showers or thunderstorms. Daytime temperatures will range from 24 to 28 degrees.

The rest of the week will remain mostly partly cloudy, with isolated showers or thunderstorms. By the end of the week, it will become more overcast.

Temperatures will peak at 31 degrees, potentially reaching up to 33 degrees on Wednesday. A cooling trend will start from the west on Thursday.

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The third season of English-friendly screenings of Czech movies held by the “Some Like It Czech” project is coming to an end.

The farewell film before the summer break will be a masterful parody of pulp detective novels Adela Has Not Had Her Supper Yet. The fanciful slapstick satire by Oldřich Lipský will be screened at Cinema Aero on the 19th of June.

Buy your tickets here.

Forget Hercule Poirot and solve a Prague mystery with world famous detective Nick Carter in the Czech classic movie Adela Has Not Had Her Supper Yet (1978, watch the trailer).

The dashing American armed with a genius mind and cutting-edge inventions arrives in Prague to tackle a case perplexing the local police.

Fluent in Czech by the time he leaves New York, Carter is poised to arrest the mysterious criminal nicknamed the Gardener, and solve the case of the Mozart-sensitive Adela. As Detective Carter slowly uncovers the case, he also finds himself falling in love with the city and its beer, sausages, local pubs, and the beauty of Czech women.

In this bizarre detective satire, director Oldřich Lipský crafts a masterful parody of pulp detective novels, set against the backdrop of Belle Époque of Prague.

To create a frisky, colorful world of genius gadgets and extraordinary plants he teamed up with the best Czechoslovakian artists of that time such as costume designer Theodor Pištěk jr., who later won an Oscar for the costumes for Forman’s Amadeus, or Jan Švankmajer, a respectable Czech animator who brought alive the main star of the movie – the carnivorous plant Adela. 

By screening this beloved comedy, a project Some Like It Czech will conclude its third season. “In the last 9 months we held 9 events, which were attended by 1 800 wonderful visitors who learned a thing or two about the culture, history, and language of our small but mighty country,” says one of the organizers Šárka Bekrová.

All these screenings are usually accompanied by English subtitles and quick movie introductions so that foreign viewers could better understand the context of the film. This time, it will be no different. A brisk introduction will be provided by Julia Ruth Worland, an American comedian who cannot wait to gloss over Carter’s first encounter with Czech peculiar culture.

So don’t miss the grand finale of your favorite screening cycle and intersperse the hot days with the visit of Kino Aero hiding in the shadow of one of the Žižkov courtyards. You’ll get the unique opportunity to watch the Czech cult classic with an international crowd, meet new fellow expats, and discuss with them your summer plans over the glass of that night’s special drink – Jungle Gin.

Buy your tickets here

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The fourth edition of the L’Étape Czech Republic by Tour de France road bike race will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2024.

Organizers anticipate up to 3,500 amateur cyclists participating in this year’s event. The race will start at Prague’s Strahov, and cyclists will journey through Beroun, Kladno, Rakovník, and then return to Prague.

Due to the race, some roads in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region will have restricted traffic.

The race features three routes: the Long route of 130 km starting at 9:30 am, the Medium route of 106 km starting at 10:30 am, and the Short route of 60 km starting at 12:00 pm.

The final rider is expected to cross the finish line at Strahov in Prague by 4:00 pm.

L’Etape by Tour de France is a global race series under the umbrella of Tour de France, geared towards the cycling public, with competitors both local and global.

There will be traffic restrictions in the following streets in Prague:

Vaníčkova, Atletická, Skokanská, Tomanova, Bělohorská, Ankarská (Vypich intersection), Karlovarská, Slánská, Drnovská, Na Hůrce, Sobín/Sobínka, Zličín, Hrozenkovská – Strojírenská intersection, Strojírenská, Zličín railway crossing, Strojírenská – Engelmullerova intersection, Makovského – Plzeňská intersection, Plzeňská – Kukulova, Kukulova/Roentgenova intersection, Kukulova – Podbělohorská intersection, Podbělohorská/Spiritka intersection, Spiritka – Atletická intersection, Atletická – Běžecká intersection.

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Czechia and Turkey celebrated 100 years of bilateral relations with the opening of a cooperation park in Prague 6.

Expressing his pride in inaugurating the Czech-Turkish Cooperation Park, Ambassador Bagis said:

“We have come a long way with Prague 6 Mayor Jakub Starek to bring this project to life. We are proud to open the Czech-Turkish Cooperation Park as a solid symbol of the process initiated by the great leaders of our countries, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Tomáš Masaryk, a century ago in 1924 when diplomatic relations between Turkey and Czechoslovakia were established”.

In his speech, Prague 6 Mayor Starek, emphasized the importance of the Czech-Turkish Cooperation Park. The Mayor said, “Initially, our intention was to open a venue bearing the name of President Atatürk, but the Prague municipality did not approve it. So, we will honor him here today with this park. You can find history on the pavements, symbolism on the benches, and many other cultural motifs in this park.”

As a symbol of the friendship between the sister cities Prague 6 Municipality and Muratpaşa Municipality, acorns brought from Anatolia were planted in the park.

The municipality mapped the area along the street named “Ankarska” by the inspiring Turkish capital Ankara about 20 years ago, with a study prepared to include the structuring and arrangement of the area as a park within the project.

Last year, the park project was turned down by the local authorities.

Turkish Ambassador to the Czech Republic Egemen Bağış emphasized that the park is the first in Europe to bear Türkiye’s name.

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Too Good To Go, the world’s largest marketplace for surplus food, has launched in the Czech Republic. With more than 60 local businesses onboard, it aims to fight food waste across the country.

The app allows users to purchase surplus food from restaurants, bakeries, and shops at a reduced price. The company is currently partnering with businesses in Prague, including Myšák confectionery, Hilton Old Town Prague, and Costa Coffee.

Through the app, users can book and receive a surprise bag of surplus food at a reduced price. They simply need to pick up their order at the designated time and present their receipt from the app.

This initiative helps prevent good food from being thrown away.

Food waste is a significant issue in the Czech Republic, where 91 kilograms of food per capita are wasted annually, according to Eurostat. Globally, food waste contributes to ten percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Since its launch in Denmark in 2016, Too Good To Go has saved over 330 million meals, preventing 891 billion kilograms of CO2 emissions, 267 billion liters of wasted water, and 924 square meters of wasted space each year.


The app operates in 18 countries across Europe and North America, with 95 million registered users and 166,000 partners.

“We have just begun our journey in the Czech Republic with strong partners and a firm commitment to our mission: to inspire and encourage everyone to fight food waste together. At Too Good To Go, we want to help people and our favorite local brands contribute to a healthier and greener planet,” says Pavol Dzurjanin, Country Director for Too Good To Go Czech Republic.

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Rock For People is celebrating a record-breaking year in 2024 as 40,000 music fans begin to descend on Park 360 in Hradec Králové.

Today (Wednesday, June 12), the line-up welcomes headliners The Prodigy and P.O.D. – who have come in as a last-minute replacement for Bad Omens – plus the likes of Corey Taylor, Enter Shikari, Thy Art Is Murder and loads more throughout the day.

For the next three days after that until Saturday, June 15 there’s the perfect mix of massive superstars like Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, The Offspring, Avril Lavigne, YUNGBLUD, Body Count and Kerry King, and rising K! favourites such as Pinkshift, Scowl, Dying Wish, VUKOVI, Delilah Bon and more.

“We are preparing our fans an experience with an unparalleled diversity and atmosphere,” announces festival director Michal Thomes.

“We are particular about creating an eventful program, which is why we have invited over 130 bands and dozens of other artists for the non-musical program to perform at Rock For People this year.

“Given the extent of the program, which includes both the biggest world stars as well as the up-and-coming ones, Rock For People is the cultural event of the year.”


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Admission fees have increased at about half of the outdoor pools and swimming pools in the Czech Republic, rising by 10 to 25 percent compared to last year.

While higher energy prices drove previous increases, this year’s rise is mainly due to changes in labor agreements.

The rate of increase in entrance fees depends on the size of the pool. Larger pools will see a more noticeable hike, while smaller pools, especially in villages, will maintain last year’s prices. Due to the administrative burdens associated with work agreements, some temporary workers are shifting to full-time employment.

This year’s weather fluctuations have delayed the start of the summer season. Typically, pools open in late May and early June, but this year, the forecast suggests visitors will start swimming in mid-June. However, some pools in the Pilsen, Ústí nad Labem, and South Moravia regions have already begun their season.

Compared to 2019, interest in domestic vacations is up by 161 percent, and summer holiday bookings have increased by 19 percent compared to last year. There is also a growing demand for unique accommodations such as glamping, tree houses, and teepees.

“For stays in the Czech Republic, our customers typically book for two nights. The average spend per stay is CZK 3,100, similar to last year. However, this is a significant increase from the pre-pandemic period when the average spend was CZK 2,000,” said Štěpán Pospíšilík, marketing director of Travelking.

Czech tourists often book hotels by the water, with pools or wellness facilities, or near the mountains.

Cottage and chalet rentals are also in high demand. Radim Zubalik, head of production and client center at Chata.cz, mentioned that the Beskydy, Jeseníky, and Šumava regions are particularly popular. Despite the high demand, prices for renting cottages and chalets have not increased this year, following significant hikes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spa.cz portal has seen increased interest in accommodations in Lednice in the Břeclav region and Jáchymov in the Karlovy Vary region, while demand has dropped in Třeboň, Poděbrady, and Teplice.

Marketing director Lukáš Václavek noted a slight increase in interest for stays in the well-known spa triangle (Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně, Mariánské Lázně), with wellness and spa stays maintaining a ratio of one to three.

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Which 26 players is Czech Republic head coach Ivan Hasek taking to the 2024 European Championship in Germany?

Arguably the surprise package of Euro 2020, where they reached the quarter-finals, the Czech Republic maintained their perfect qualifying record for every Euros since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

They finished second in their qualifying group – and will face Portugal, Turkey and Georgia at Euro 2024 in Germany.

Having said that, Czechs did not have the ideal preparation ahead of the Euros in the summer though, as their manager Jaroslav Silhavy resigned after a string of poor performances that nearly cost them a qualifying spot.

After that underwhelming qualification, he submitted his resignation and was replaced by Ivan Hasek, who temporarily led the national team in 2009.


Although Bayer Leverkusen absolutely flew in the Bundesliga this season under the tutelage of Xabi Alonso, Matej Kovar was largely restricted to the cup goalkeeper role with veteran Lukas Hradecky maintaining the No. 1 spot at BayArena.

However, the stopper has a chance of being the No. 1 for his nation. Slavia Prague’s Jindrich Stanek has been the starter for Narodak during recent qualifying matches, though, whilst former Stockport County and Notts County loanee Vitezslav Jaros, who is currently on the books of Liverpool, has been picked to provide backup in between the sticks.

Jindřich Staněk – Slavia Prague
Matěj Kovář – Bayer Leverkusen
Vítězslav Jaroš – Sturm Graz


Hasek has several natural centre-back options in Slavia Prague trio David Zima, Tomas Holes, and Tomas Vlcek, as well as Sparta Prague duo Ladislav Krejci and Martin Vitík, the latter was named the best Czech youth footballer of the year 2023.

West Ham’s Vladimir Coufal was banished from the Czech Republic squad for breaking team rules during the November international break and, while he wasn’t called up for the March friendlies, he returns for the Euros.

Vladimir Coufal – West Ham
David Jurásek – Hoffenheim
David Zima – Slavia Prague
David Douděra – Slavia Prague
Ladislav Krejčí – Sparta Prague
Martin Vitik – Sparta Prague
Robin Hranáč – Viktoria Plzen
Tomáš Holeš – Slavia Prague
Tomáš Vlček – Slavia Prague


West Ham United midfielder and Czech Republic captain Tomáš Souček is one of the first names on the team sheet as one of the most experienced players in the squad with over 65 caps.

Slavia Prague duo Lukas Provod and Lukas Sadilek will likely battle it out for the other spots in the midfield double pivot or trifecta.

Fiorentina’s Antonin Barak, Feyenoord’s Ondrej Lingr, and Wolfsburg’s Vaclav Cerny are all attacking midfielders by trade, and will likely operate further forward.

Antonin Barak – Fiorentina
Lukáš Provod – Slavia Prague
Lukáš Sadílek – Sparta Prague
Lukas Červ – Viktoria Plzen
Matěj Jurásek – Slavia Prague
Ondřej Lingr – Feyenoord
Pavel Šulc – Viktoria Plzen
Tomáš Souček – West Ham
Václav Černý – Wolfsburg


Mojmir Chytil is one of a few promising young attacking options for Hasek, along with Adam Hlozek and Matej Jurasek, joining the more experienced pair of Patrik Schick and Tomas Chory.

Jan Kuchta – Sparta Prague
Adam Hložek – Bayer Leverkusen
Mojmír Chytil – SK Slavia Prague
Patrik Schick – Bayer Leverkusen
Tomáš Chorý – Viktoria Plzen


Czech Republic boss Ivan Hasek is expected to set his side up in a direct 3-4-1-2 system, which is not focused a lot on positional football and involves transitional play to create good-quality chances.

Stanek will likely get the nod above Kovar in goal, behind a back three comprising Zima, Krejci and Holes.

Captain Soucek and Sadilek will look to hold the fort in the middle of the park.

Jurasek and Coufal will feature as wing-backs. Patrik Schick will lead the charge for the Czechs in the final third. He would have to carry most of the goal-scoring burden up top and will have the support from Leverkusen teammate Hlozek and Sulc.

Czech Republic predicted XI (3-4-1-2): Stanek; Zima, Krejci, Holes; Jurasek, Soucek, M Sadilek, Coufal; Sulc; Schick, Hlozek.

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Prague City is preparing amendments to two ordinances that would ban the use of animals for begging or street performances.

The city council has published the draft amendments on its website and sent them to the city districts for comments, which will last until July 3.

The proposed changes include a provision in the ordinance restricting begging, stating that “begging carried out in the presence of an animal is forbidden in the entire territory of the capital.”

Similarly, the ordinance on street performances, or busking, will prohibit public performances “with the active or passive participation of an animal.”

The aim of both amendments is to protect public safety. During street performances, performers may not be able to adequately control their animals, leading to unpredictable behavior that could endanger the audience.

In the case of begging, animals may pose a risk by potentially attacking passersby.

The document also notes that prohibiting the presence of animals in street performances might have a positive effect on animal welfare.

The amendments are currently in a comment period. After this period ends, the city council will review the feedback and vote on the amendments.

Prague already has an ordinance that penalizes those offering photos with wild animals on the streets for tourists. City police handle these cases with fines, and authorities can initiate proceedings to seize the animals.

Offenders may also face penalties under state animal protection or cruelty laws. However, this does not apply to dogs that are not actively forced into activities or contact with people, nor do they fall into the category of wild animals, which are subject to stricter regulations.

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Would you like to have unforgettable memories of the holiday in the Czech mountains?

Let’s try to sleep in a tiny house made of hay. Moreover, right from your bed, you have a view of the sky with stars through the transparent rooftop.

You might have romantic ideas about sleeping on hay in plain nature. In this upgraded version, you have a whole tiny house with a bed for two people. However, the most romantic aspect is the transparent rooftop under your bed, where you can watch the sky with stars.

If you are not allergic to the grass, you should definitely try it! In fact, this little house is made of straw rather than hay. Straw can keep the warm better, and it is almost waterproof. It makes the little house comfortable as much as possible. However, this kind of experience is a seasonal service from May to September, since the nights in the mountains are cold during the rest of the year.

Your experience is coming with a tasty breakfast made of local ingredients. You can have it served right into your bed, enjoy it as a picnic in the meadow, or have it right in the cottage nearby.

Slamák Krkonoše

Bouda v Obřím Dole

The tiny house is not standing in the middle of nowhere, but nearby the traditional wooden cottage on the way to Sněžka, the highest peak of the Czech Republic. This cottage is called Bouda v Obřím Dole, and its restaurant is a popular destination for tourists heading to Sněžka.

This cottage provides you with facilities such as a restaurant, shower, and toilets for your stay. Next to the cottage is a giant chair with 5,6 meters in height, made without any nails and screws. You can climb it by ladder and enjoy the view over the valley.

Bouda v Obřím Dole

Bouda v Obřím Dole

Behind the idea of a tiny house made of straw are Klára and Vlaďka. Klára is running the services in the cottage for more than ten years. Together with her friend Vlaďka, who lives in Switzerland, they built the very first straw house five years ago. Since then, it is a very popular sleeping destination, so make sure you make a reservation in advance.

Besides the cottage, restaurant, and straw house, Klára also breeds sheep and keeps bees. You can buy fresh honey products in a restaurant, from honey to mead and cosmetics.

How to Get to Slamák

Everything is prepared for your arrival. It would help if you got to the nearest city Pec pod Sněžkou. Then, you can ask Klára for transport, or have 20 minutes relaxing walk by the valley to the cottage. It is also a great starting point for your hike to Sněžka, or you can even take a cable car.

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