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People begging for money with a litter of kittens sleeping in their lap or a forlorn-looking dog lying on the ground beside them are a common sight in Prague streets, but could soon become a thing of the past if a proposed change to the law is accepted.

People have been fooled by this trick, resulting in more and more animals being kept on the streets in harsh weather conditions, which harms their health and well-being.

This problem is growing, especially in larger cities, and often involves foreigners, particularly Romanian gangs.

“These people get animals and force them to stay in the hot city center for days without being able to move properly,” explains Pavel Buršík from OBRAZ (Obránci zvířat).

Fortunately, these practices might soon end, as Prague City is preparing changes to the rules that restrict begging. If everything goes as planned, begging with an animal and public performances involving animals will be banned throughout the capital.

Councilors will vote on the proposals, and municipal districts can comment on them until tomorrow. According to Jiří Pospíšil, the deputy mayor of Prague who initiated the changes, the new rules could take effect next year.

He noted that the proposals had not encountered major issues during the comment period.

However, there is still a risk that the proposals will not pass the Ministry of Interior, which could stop the whole process, as it has the power to suspend the decree and go to court. According to a ministerial document available on Seznam Zprávy, the proposals are seen as interfering with the rights of beggars. The ministry also argues that the animals do not need such protection.

“It is a matter of legal debate, which we will still have. Something that seems innocent can have an impact on legal issues,” states Jiří Pospíšil.

The association “Běhejme a Pomáhejme Utulkům” has created a petition urging politicians to accept the changes. Petr Sokolík, the author of the petition, has already gathered more than 14,000 signatures.

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Recently, Prague Morning had the pleasure to meet LaDana Edwards, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of skincare clinic Face Place.

She shared with us her inspiring story, including her challenges and what brought her to Prague.

In 1999, LaDana came to Prague for a two-year assignment with Deloitte, where she worked as a tax manager. Captivated by the weather and the cosmopolitan culture, she fell in love with the region and joyfully decided to extend her stay.

“I find Prague to be my spiritual home; I really love it here,” she says. Since then, she has built a life in the city. “My son was born here, and Doug, my partner, came in 1991, fresh out of university,” she states.

Edwards retired as a partner of the company and now thrives as an evolutionary leadership facilitator.

„I help executive leaders, I facilitate their own self-discovery, and I explain what it means to be a leader in this very complicated time we live in,“ she clarifies. To top it all off, she is just finishing her PhD in transformative studies, and two years ago, she opened her own skincare clinique, Face Place.

Source: FacePlace


Living as an expatriate is no walk in the park. LaDana admits that despite her efforts, her demanding schedule at Deloitte made it challenging to learn Czech.

“I always say I speak like a 3-year-old,” she laughs. She empathizes with other non-natives, understanding their daily struggles with language barriers, and feels apologetic and guilty about not being able to speak Czech fluently.

Coming from a different background, Edwards enjoys certain aspects of Prague that might seem unusual to locals. She still remembers her first night in the Czech Republic:

“In Texas, we had 60 days above 40 degrees Celsius. When I arrived in August, I wore a sweater at night,” she smiles. She also appreciates Prague’s culture, which makes her feel like a “global citizen.” LaDana rejoices in the present vitality of the city and its constant evolution:

“From ’99 until now, there’s been a resurgence of positive energy and young entrepreneurs who observe trends elsewhere or reintroduce retro elements from the Czech Republic. I think this fusion is really cool, creative, and humble; it has been beautiful to watch,” she reflects.

Source: FacePlace


LaDana is still on a journey to find the perfect connection between personal transformation and leadership. “I am just finishing my PhD in transformative studies and getting ready to start my research and dissertation on leadership awakening,” she explains.

She recently opened her own clinic, Face Place, where she helps clients address their skin issues and preserve their youth.

“I realized that my whole life is about transformation; leadership, and Face Place is really just about helping people transform themselves,” she reflects.

LaDana raised her son in the Czech Republic, and as a teenager, he went through the same severe acne as his mother. As a response to his problems, she flew back home to Texas with him and took him back to the clinique where she healed her skin.

After four treatments in ten days, amazing results from the iDerm facial were showing, so Edwards requested to buy the original equipment so she could recreate the process in Prague.

„I opened it just to get my son feeling good about himself. What was beautiful for me was to take a family picture, for him to be right up front, smiling full face,“ she expresses.

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Prague aims to become a prime destination for cultured visitors over the next three years.

Tourism in Prague is on the rise. Last year, 7.4 million tourists visited the city, a 24% increase from the previous year. Germans were the most frequent visitors, followed by Americans and the British.

City councillors have approved the “Respect Prague” strategy for 2024 to 2027. The goal is to maintain the quality of life for residents while supporting tourism.

“I believe this strategy will economically support Prague’s entrepreneurs and enrich local culture,” said Jiří Pospíšil, Deputy Mayor of Prague for Culture.

The strategy document still needs approval from city representatives. It aims to preserve Prague’s environment and cultural heritage while leveraging the economic benefits of tourism.

Prague City Tourism (PCT) will support the strategy through various projects. One such project is a new app called “My Prague,” set to launch soon. The app will manage tourist flow and raise awareness about respectful behavior in Prague.

Additionally, PCT plans to create a card for Congress tourists and further develop the Prague Visitor Pass.

Guide services will be enhanced, and new tourist infrastructure will be developed outside the city center. Marketing campaigns are also planned to promote pilgrimage tourism and unify the tourism industry.

About MyPrague

The mobile application offers an easier orientation in Prague, particularly when searching for individual locations or institutions for their everyday needs.

Apart from offices, healthcare facilities, free parking spots, playgrounds and parks, the application also includes lists of public toilets, waste collection yards, municipal police offices or information obtained from traffic cameras.

The application also provides information about cultural events and offers important notifications and news from the Prague City Hall.


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Modern city of short distance: the new project of J&T Real Estate on the Rohan Island.

More than 1000 apartments, shops, and services are about to come to life in Prague 8.

The first stage includes 258 apartments with 1+kk to 4+kk layouts, and the construction is to start next year in the direction of the Libeň bridge on the corner of Voctářova and Štorchova streets.

The total investment cost is over three and a half billion crowns, while the entire new neighborhood is estimated at a total of about CZK 15 billion.

Considering living in Nové Rohan offers a significant advantage for potential buyers. This neighborhood is ideally located by the Vltava River, in the city center, and next to a popular cycle path.

Additionally, public transport is easily accessible, with the Invalidovna metro station just a few steps away. For nature lovers, the 56-hectare city park “Maniny” adds to the area’s appeal.

The concept of a modern city with everything within a short distance means all essential services should be available within a 15-minute walk. This includes shops, medical services, and a new elementary school, to which the Sekyra Group will contribute a total of 650 million crowns.

Due to high demand, the apartments will be larger. Around 60 percent of them will have layouts of 3+kk and 4+kk, promising views of the greenery, the Vltava River, and even Prague Castle.

“In addition to streets, we wanted to focus on spaces that old Karlín lacks, namely yards and courtyards between houses. We have therefore created a new layer of permeable courtyards to complement movement along the streets,” explains Jana Mastíková, chief architect of the LOXIA studio, which is coordinating the entire Nové Rohan area.

The prices of the apartments will range between CZK 165,000 and 200,000 per square meter, including VAT. This does not discourage newcomers. “The price level is slightly above the Prague market average, yet we already registered numerous interested buyers during the spring pre-sale,” said JTRE board member Jiří Ochetz.

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The breathtaking Pilsner Urquell Beer Hall underwent a revitalization, and it is about time to enter the culinary wonderland.

Prague’s Municipal House (Obecní dům) has seen it all and still stands triumphant on Náměstí Republiky. A sight for sore eyes from the outside, it is advocated to see all the treasures hidden behind those walls.

Since 1912, historical and cultural events have taken place inside and the tradition continues as the House keeps hosting events such as catering, exhibitions, banqueting, cocktail refreshments, and coffee breaks.

In 2022, the Pilsner Urquell Beer Hall got all dolled up with a little help from Vyšehrad 2000, a local catering company known for its culinary creativity that offered the place a chance to live a second youth.

A new bar (výčep) has been added to the pleasure of gourmet eyes of the guests who can now witness their dreams come true while liters of the well-known golden liquid (Pilsner Urquell) are flowing beside their tables. Beer is enough in most cases, but not when the opportunity to taste local Czech cuisine presents itself.


The menu has been meticulously selected to satisfy the most sensitive palates: the grand Czech classic starters including beef tartar are leading to the outstanding main dishes such as Pilsner Beef goulash or “svíčková”.

All the ingredients are local and fresh, so taking the opportunity to elevate your taste buds and let the waltz of flavors dance in your mouth with a Czech soup and a delicious dessert is highly recommended. Vegetarian options are on the menu, and fried cheese (smažak), presented as one of the most refined dishes, steals the show.

Meat eaters are well treated as the quality sausages and smoked meats are sourced from Bio Farma Dráb, and they can attend the traditional “zabijačka” (butcher’s feast) every February in the Beer Hall, one of multiple themed events organized here. Guests loyalty is valued and can be rewarded as the house offers a membership with a 15% discount on everything.

The whole dining experience would not be complete if it was not enhanced by a touch of Czech Art Nouveau, surrounding the entire room just like the rest of the Municipal House, whose interiors have been designed by artists like Alfons Mucha, Jan Preisler and Ladislav Šaloun.

Plenty of wonders are held within the halls, lounges and rooms, hence the need for a guided tour of the House captivating its affluent past and covering all its quarters, offered in many languages and for all ages. The visits can be customized and privatized.

The route usually starts at the Smetana Hall, cultural heart of the house and architectural beauty, a concert venue with a capacity of 1200 which takes its name from the Czech music legend Bedřich Smetana.

A virtual tour is available online for those willing to be taken to another dimension.

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Spring Fever spread all over Prague and the only cure is to get on board and discover the city through thrilling activities and exhibitions. The journey is already starting this weekend

Do you like sci-fi and horror? Turn your fantasies into reality and meet your real-life superheroes at the legendary pop culture festival Comic-Con.

It is happening from Friday 5th until Sunday 7th at O2 universum (Prague 9) where you can look forward to a program full of concerts, exhibitions, workshops and competitions. You might want to pose next to your favorite artists and actors, namely Bill Skarsgård, Emily Swallow or the Red Dwarf company for a limited photoshoot and autograph signing.

If, however, you want to see actors on screen, you have the unique opportunity to support the smaller European scene at the Eurofilmfest, taking place in different cinemas all around the Czech Republic, starting this Friday and ending on the 14th of April. Stay alert by following one of the many films about the ecological cause after lunch and witness a very special interview with Dalí after dinner. There will be films for all tastes and at all times.

Evoking Mother Earth, have you ever wondered how the metropolis world is perceived by plants and animals? Dive into the living world next door and discover beyond-belief facts at the new exhibition prepared by CAMP in collaboration with the creators of Planeta Praha. All your questions will be answered through virtual reality, you can even observe a unique panoramic projection of the hidden nature of Prague and all of that until the first of September.

Understandably, you want to enjoy the first signs of summer so enroll in an exclusive party at the Opening Vlny Štvanice this Saturday. Diverse and varied arsenal of activities for the little ones such as water and land boards, live music or dancing and/or for the big ones: pub quiz, drinking and drunk dancing, you might even end up with an everlasting memory (a tattoo?) on your left shoulder. Many more surprises await for you at this very special summer fest so do not miss your chance.

Until Sunday 7th, the engaged artist Veronika Richterová will be exposing her colorful creations in the Fata Morgana greenhouse. Her unique garden is full of exotic flowers and animals made out of PET bottles she adopted along the sidewalks, inspired by her traveling history.

And if your weekend plans only made you want more adrenaline, take friends or family to the very famous St. Matthews Fair. Delightful attractions, exotic and local snacks, chills and thrills in the haunted castle and playgrounds count on you to show up at the holešovické Výstaviště until Sunday 14th.

Luckily, the world is not ending after this weekend and you can look forward to two exhibitions lasting all summer long. One of them KAFKAESQUE, offers the opportunity to jump back and retrace the steps of the 20th-century Prague author Franz Kafka as this year marks the 100th anniversary of his death. More than thirty artists will honor him in their way at the DOC Center for Contemporary Art until September 22.

The Czech Press Photo Exhibition volunteers to take a step back in the closer past and celebrate 2023 when the Czech Photo journalistic competition took place. More than 470 printed photographs, 240 images on screens and projections from 120 authors will be exposed in the New Building of the National Museum until the end of August.

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