There is no exaggeration that Prague has the only one café in the world built in the cubist style.

Cubism used to be a popular style of painting at the beginning of the 20th Century, but in Prague, it finds its popularity also in architecture.

Once you enter the cubistic House of the Black Madonna, see the stairs in the shape of the light bulb and enter the unique Grand Café Orient on the first floor.

What is unique about this place is the interior. Grand Café Orient is the only café designed in cubism. You might find numerous cafés in similar styles such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, but the cubist style café is the only one.

In 1912, young architect Josef Gočár designed the whole building together with light bulb stairs and café on the first floor. Because of the small sculpture in the corner, it is well known as the House of the Black Madonna.

Unfortunately, the café was open only for several years and then closed because the cubism was not modern anymore.

The café reopened in 2005 after extensive renovations according to the original photographs of interiors, so the cubist style is still visible from the door handle, furniture, and lightning to the hangers on the wall.

It is not a coincidence that Grand Café Orient was selected among seven the most beautiful cafés of Europe by magazine Focus.

Grand Cafe Orient

Grand Cafe Orient


The Menu of Grand Café Orient

Cubism and the spirit of history are not visible only in design but also in the menu itself. One of the most famous desserts in the Czech Republic is called “věneček” and has a round shape. However, in a proper cubist café it gained a square form.

Choice of cakes is just tempting, especially if you know that all of them are produced as homemade. You can choose from a variety of typical Czech cakes such as honey cake (medový dort) or fruitcakes to Viennese Sacher cake, apple strudel and many more.

The local specialties are Grand Café Orient cake with chocolate and mint or chocolate fondant in marzipan, served with dry prunes marinated in Port vine.

If you are not up to the desserts, there is also an excellent choice of sweet and salty dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Grand Cafe Orient


Unique Cubist House

Take an opportunity being in the only cubist house in the world and visit the Cubist museum. You will find a permanent exhibition of Czech cubism as well as temporary exhibitions spread around four different floors.

Enjoy the spirit of the one hundred years old history, because you won’t find a similar one anywhere else in the world.

Grand Cafe Orient

Grand Cafe Orient stairs