Jan 10, 2024

Behind the Mask: Prague’s Elite Awaits You in a Night of Forbidden Pleasures

Recall the latest Prague’s “Eyes Wide Shut”-inspired erotic event? Its debut was a sensation, selling out with over 400 attendees. Given its success and tantalizing allure, the organizers are preparing for another round.

The innovative concept of immersive theater, featuring erotic fantasies, techniques and seduction, sparked significant interest. Co-founders have ambitious plans for the future introducing unique concepts in Prague and have a gradual expansion strategy for various European and American states. 

The main two formats are the indulgent Soirée and the more accessible On The Edge for a broader audience. But don’t be fooled, you still have to compete for your spot among the guests.

What is next?

25/1 Soireé with Marie Sauvage

Something nasty yet classy is coming 25/1/2024. The unique location will once again astonish all attendees—this time it will be the most beautiful hotel in the heart of Prague. The success of the first event in 2023 has motivated the organizers’ commitment to push boundaries even further.

Renowned rigger Marie Sauvage will fly from Paris to Prague to perform, and together with other 20+ performers, they will captivate the guests in a completely new, more decadent and intimate concept. Throughout the evening, expect several surprises and remember, there can be only 50 VIP guests, all required to watch, observe, and be inspired.

Come closer to the edge

Imagine a luxurious wing of a hotel, ready to serve as a mysterious and erotic fortress. Guests, once again adorned in masks, can wander into the five luxurious suites of the hotel.

In each room, they will discover a different provocative fantasy – each one designed to surprise, captivate, or astonish. More than 20 performers will show them what it’s like to be on the edge. Shibari, art of touch, tough love, breathing, spanking, biting and much much more. Will you dare?

Touch the edge

No touch – just watch. It is not interactive unless you are allowed to. You might get lucky and be asked to fulfill a little task. Under the guidance of masters of various erotic practices, explore what captures your attention. Throughout the evening, several surprises await guests. You’ll only find out what it entails once you get inside.  

How to get in

It is not that easy, but there is a way. First wave is made for patrons who have priority access to all the events. Second wave access for those, who have Secured Spot voucher in their pocket or were patiently waiting. Overall, only those with a special code have access to purchase tickets.

Do you want to be among the chosen ones? Sign up for the waiting list on the website www.ontheedge.club

The entrance fees range from 6990 to 8900 CZK, but remember, the number of tickets is limited to 50 spots. First come, first served. The event will take place on January 25.

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