Mar 06, 2020

Where to Buy the Best Foreign Food in Prague?

If you like to eat and cook, you are sure to try foreign recipes from time to time. Maybe you stay in Europe and try to prepare classic Italian cuisine, honest Hungarian goulash, English roast beef or a  luxurious French sauce. But sometimes, you may like to get out of your comfort zone and try Thai or Indian curry, Vietnamese rolls, Japanese sushi or Mexican tacos.

If you are attempting to experiment with these cuisines, or perhaps already preparing them regularly, you have certainly encountered one problem: recipes can be found on the Internet and in piles of cookbooks, but even the best recipe won’t help if you don’t have the authentic ingredients.

Fortunately, the time when Japanese soy sauce was replaced by a false one from Czech producers is long gone, and you don’t have to replace lemongrass in Thai noodles with parsley. Fortunately, Prague is no longer the culinary wasteland of the 1990s, and we dare say that today you can find top ingredients for virtually all the world’s major cuisines. But you need to know where to look.
To make it easier for you, we have a small guide on buying foreign products. If you have other favorite places or shops, write them in the comments. So, let’s start.


African food

Here we make a huge simplification. Africa is a huge continent, and the differences between cuisines in Ethiopia and South Africa, for example, are greater than those in Spain and Finland. But food from individual countries does not have a separate representation here, and the choice is limited. But if you decide to experiment with African flavors, you will need a little effort in Prague to find the ingredients you need. At various shops, you can buy manioc flour for dumplings, canned vegetables, green banana plantains or African spices.


A small shop is hidden in the passage in Štěpánská. In addition to meals, it also has a large selection of cosmetics such as specialized shampoos and African hair colors.

Štěpánská 36, Prague 1 – New Town

ACA African Culture & Art

A shop of African art, clothing, and gifts with a smaller selection of food.

Kamenicka 599, 170 00 Prague 7-Holesovice


Arabian and Middle Eastern foods

Fragrant lamb kebab, tabouleh salad or chicken stew with raisins and almonds: these are just a few of the perfect Arab and Middle Eastern specialties. Fortunately, all the ingredients are now well available in Prague and there are plenty Arabic, Turkish and Israeli stores. We can recommend, for example, the renowned butcher shop in Myslikova Street, which recently underwent a reconstruction.

Farah Halal Grocery and Butcher

Myslikova 5, Prague 1

Syrian and Lebanese Specialty Grocery

Politických vězňů 937/3, Prague 1

Chez Amis

Spalena 15, Prague 1

Orient Food

Ortenovo nám. 27, Prague 7 – Holesovice

Galaxy Food

Evropská 24, Prague 6 – Dejvice

Barakat Oriental specialties and meat

Puškinovo náměstí 24, Prague 6 – Dejvice

Paprika Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar

Rumunska 8/16, 120 00 Vinohrady

Anatolia Food Market

Na Porici 1934/38


Balkan food

Balkan dishes may not be so well-known in our country, but that is a great pity. They combine the best of Central European, Greek and Turkish cuisine, with roast meat, pickled vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, and yogurt. If you want to make your diet a little special, we strongly recommend.


Křižíkova 31, Prague 8 – Karlín

Delicacies from the Balkans

Belehradska 60, Prague 2 – Vinohrady

Bulgarian dairy

Freyova 247/13, Prague 9 – Vysocany

Minimarket Aida

Holeckova 1205, Prague 5-Smichov


British food

British cuisine has a long-standing reputation for boring food, usually accompanied by chunky chips and edible only after sufficient dripping with sauce. But that is not the whole truth. Nothing will save you from a hangover just like a full English breakfast with eggs, bacon, roasted tomatoes, and beans in tomato sauce, Scottish beef steaks are excellent, and carbon black tea for breakfast is simply no one can do better. Moreover, Britain is a multicultural country and the most popular food in the country has long been not fried fish with French fries but originally Indian curry. It is worth exploring.

Candy Store

If you’ve ever walked past the Candy Store, you might have thought it was just a candy store. Footbridge error. Yes, sweets make up a large part of the assortment, but besides them, you can buy many English and American specialties. These range from breakfast cereals with flavors you have never heard of, to English beers and lemonades of unusual types
(such as beer shandy lemonade is only for the hardened) to true English mustard, minced meat sauces or Worcester. Add to that a plethora of chocolates and confectionery from British and American brands, and you definitely won’t leave with an empty bag.

Londýnská 309/81, Prague 2 – Vinohrady

Viktora Hugo 1, Prague 5 – Smichov

Bubenečská 12, Prague 2 – Vinohrady


This UK chain is not yet well known in the Czech Republic, but that is a mistake. It offers a large number of English food at Czech prices. Their specialty is frozen food, which you will find plenty of here. From ready-made Indian curry to various of frozen vegetables to “defrost and eat” cakes. If frozen products are not your cup of tea, you can also buy several types of English cheese, sausages or black teas, the quality of which cannot be compared to ordinary Czech bags. The only disadvantage may be the poor accessibility from the city center.

Počernická 699 / 62a, Prague 10

Mukařovský 1985 (Gallery Luka), Prague 13 – Stodůlky

Opálkova 1658/2 (near metro station Ládví), Prague 8 – Kobylisy

Retail Park Kutnohorská 532, Prague – Štěrboholy

…and more

Marks & Spencer

There is no need to introduce this major English chain. In its early days itwas known in the Czech Republic primarily as a clothing retailer, but gradually added a food section. You can buy all authentic British ingredients, from bacon for breakfast, organic eggs or yogurts to vegetables and fine pastries. Prices are not always low, but it pays to look for sales when you can buy many products at a 50% discount.

Shops can be found in many large shopping centers.


French food

Hundreds of cheeses, goose or duck liver foie gras, quality meat, and sauces: all this French cuisine is available. Although its popularity in home cooking is lagging behind due to its apparent complexity, French cuisine is still the foundation of luxury European gastronomy.


Despite the internationally sounding name, Delmart is a Czech company founded by the former head of the Czech branch of Marks & Spencer. It is obvious that he learned from his former employer because Delmart has one of the best premium food stores on the market today.

Golden Angel, Nádražní 344/25, Prague 5 – Smíchov

U Makra 123, Cestlice

V Celnici 10, Prague 1 – New Town

Atrium Flora Vinohradská 2828/151, Prague 2 – Vinohrady


This nice little shop offers almost everything you buy in a French supermarket. Sausages, cheese, chocolate, and wine. Worth a visit.

Kolinska 3, Prague 2 – Vinohrady

Specialties de France

Smaller, slightly tucked shop with not very cozy decor, but an acceptable choice.

Belgická 27, Prague 2 – Vinohrady


This excellent cheese shop is connected to a cozy wine bar, so go shopping and refresh yourself with a sip of red. Our recommendation: French pâtés, mature cheeses and (of course) a glass of wine.

Vodičkova 701/34, Prague 1


Indian food

Indian food is full of spice, heat, and unmistakable fragrance. Many kinds of curry, fragrant basmati rice, naan pancakes, paneer cheese and a mixture of the oldest spices. Everything can be bought today in several places in Prague in great quality and reasonable prices. We bring you the shops that we visited and we can guarantee great quality.

Chapati Indian Grocery Store

Budečská 35, 120 00 Vinohrady

Swagat Indian Grocers

Koubkova 262/11, Prague 2 – New Town

Shalamar Food

Lipanska 835, Prague 3-Zizkov

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