Sep 18, 2023

September 22-24: Bohemian Burlesque Festival in Prague

The Bohemian Burlesque Festival, now in its seventh edition, stands as the largest burlesque event in the Czech Republic.

As one of the pioneers of this genre in the Czech Republic, the production company Bohemian Burlesque is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. To mark this milestone, they are presenting the seventh edition of the country’s largest burlesque event, the Bohemian Burlesque Festival.

The festival spans from September 20th to September 24th, taking place in three cities and featuring five events.

Following the opening event in Ostrava, the festival heads to Brno for its traditional Thursday evening at the Cabaret des Péches. On Friday, the production moves to Prague for a gala evening in the new space of the historic Rokoko Theatre.

Saturday, September 23rd, is packed with excitement as the festival offers two events. From 12 to 6 p.m., visitors can explore the Bohemian Market, where numerous vendors will showcase vintage and retro fashion and accessories, along with a retro clothing bazaar.

The day includes over 20 burlesque performances, parades, a discussion on body image and self-esteem, as well as a lecture on the history of lingerie. In the evening, the festival concludes with the Bohemian Queen Night competition. Both events traditionally take place in the Autoclub of the Czech Republic’s first republican space on Opletalova Street.

On Sunday, attendees have the opportunity to participate in workshops with the festival’s main guests.

This year, the festival welcomes a record-breaking 75 performers from 18 countries, spanning from Australia and the USA to South Africa, Brazil, Canada, and various European countries.

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The headliners include Jessabelle Thunder from the USA and the Italian burlesque legend Albadoro Gala. Celeste O’Lea from Canada, last year’s Bohemian Princess title holder, will also be present, passing the title to her successor during Saturday night’s show and serving on the jury that will select the new Bohemian Queen for 2023 from among the 13 contestants.

Producer Lucie Čihánková, also known as Angelica G. L´Amour, explains the difference between the festival and a regular burlesque show.

“At the festival, each show comprises up to 20 acts, and every performer takes the stage only once. This allows the audience to experience a diverse range of burlesque styles from different parts of the world, all performed by world-class artists. The festival has been bringing international stars to the Czech Republic as guests for the past decade, making it an extraordinary opportunity to be captivated by the enchanting world of burlesque. Don’t miss it!”

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