Bouldering in Prague: Why You Should Try It

If we are thinking about what we can do for living a healthier lifestyle the first expected change should obviously occur to our food habits and thereafter naturally the second most important element is to add some activity to our daily schedule.

As I am not a big fan of classic gyms, I always try to combine fun with a great workout at the same time. That’s why I look for an activity I can easily do both alone, or with a group of friends.

Recently my friends dragged me into a bouldering studio. Climbing in the studio always looked to be fun and very easy activity. I was sure I could do it without any problems. But the opposite was the truth.

Climbing is a 100% full-body workout. As you might think you work just your upper body, you actually putting in stress also your lower body, legs, shoulders, arms and of course your back.

While you are making a great workout, you easily burn around 700 calories just by one session.

But be prepared, climbing without proper muscle preparation can be challenging. I highly recommend getting into the shape before you kick off your climbing seasons. Build slowly strength in your core and arms and of course, warm-up before every climbing is a must. In that way, you can prevent any risk of injuring yourself while climbing and actually enjoy and see the progress you make.

Climbing has loads of pluses to convince you to start it:

  • full body workout
  • burns calories
  • make your body flexible
  • build up your muscles
  • de-stress your mind
  • you can do it with your friends
  • progress is measurable
  • you can meet new people
  • boost brain function

And many more reasons. You don’t believe me? Try it on your own skin. Here are top places where to boulder in Prague.


  • Boulder Bar
  • U Výstaviště 230/11, 170 00 Prague 7 – Holešovice




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