Mar 13, 2024

Celebrate Like an Irish: St. Patrick’s Day 2024 in Prague

St. Patrick’s Day falls on Sunday, March 17th, a public holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland in honor of Patrick of Ireland, Ireland’s first Christian missionary.

The originally ecclesiastical festival has now turned into a colorful folk festival, also celebrated by non-Irish people worldwide. In Prague, St. Patrick’s Day is also marked extensively by numerous expats and locals alike.

The St. Patrick’s Festival Prague runs until Sunday the 17th of March at Rocky O’Reilly’s, Durty Nelly’s, McCarthy’s, and Caffrey’s.

The James Joyce Irish Pub, a popular Irish pub with locals and expats alike in Prague’s Old Town, hosts the festivities starting on Friday from 11:00 am. Throughout the day, guests can enjoy delicious Guinness, lots of fun and entertainment, and live music later in the day.

On the other side of the Vltava, Prague’s Lesser Town, J.J. Murphy’s Irish Pub is the go-to spot to enjoy the Irish barley juice of Arthur Guinness, who founded the world-famous brewery in 1759.

The Czech-Irish Business and Cultural Association (CIBCA) hosts its ever-popular Saint Patrick’s Day Ball on Saturday, March 16th, at the Grand Hotel Bohemia. This year, they have chosen Člověk v tísni as the selected charity – all proceeds from the charity auction will be donated directly to them.

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During the weekend of March 16–17, Manifesto Market will transform into an Irish oasis full of fun, music and great atmosphere! You can find the following specials at the bar:

‣ Guinness beer
‣ Baby Guinness (Coffee Liqueur and Irish Cream)
‣ Czech specialty “Cesta do lesa” (Pint of Pilsner and peppermint Liqueur)
‣ Irish Coffee (Tullamore Dew, Espresso, Blueberry syrup, vanilla cream)



Other Irish pubs in Prague include:

The Three Fiddles

Arthur’s Pub in Karlín

Dubliner Prague

The Irish Times Bar Prague


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