Jan 14, 2024

City in Motion: Prague’s Yellow Metro Line to Extend with Depo Zličín

The Zličín station’s role as the terminus of the yellow metro line is set to change.

The Prague Transport Company is unveiling plans to extend the line with a new station, named Depo Zličín, situated within the existing metro depot where trains are currently stationed for parking and maintenance.

This outdoor station will be accompanied by a car park capable of accommodating 600 cars, developed simultaneously with the station. To facilitate this expansion, the depot will undergo enlargement, including the construction of two additional halls.

The construction project is scheduled to start in 2026, with an estimated cost of 1.4 billion crowns allocated from the city budget.

In a recent announcement, the Prague City Hall revealed the winner of an international architectural competition for the station’s design: the project proposed by the Czech studio PETR STOLÍN ARCHITEKT.


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