Dec 17, 2023

Controversial Ban on Ukrainians at Czech Music Club Sparks Criticism

IMC Music Club in Česká Skalice, has stirred controversy by imposing a ban on Ukrainians from entering their establishment, citing alleged conflicts and damage incidents.

The club’s operators claim that Ukrainians often engage in fights and have caused damage to the club’s facilities. However, the police report no such conflicts related to Ukrainians at the club.

The ban has prompted a debate with voices both in favor and against such a move. The club operators announced the decision on their Facebook profile, stating that they were forced to implement the ban universally for all Ukrainians after multiple warnings and entry bans due to inappropriate behavior.

The police spokesperson, Eva Prachařová, stated that the Czech Republic police have not recorded any conflicts involving Ukrainians in connection with the club and are not currently taking any action on the matter.

The Czech Trade Inspection is set to address the situation and spokesperson František Kotrba suggests that the ban may constitute discrimination.

The Inspectorate for the Hradec Králové and Pardubice regions has received several submissions on the matter and will investigate promptly.

Critics question the club’s ability to verify the nationality of those entering and former mayor and organizer of major festivals, Petr Fejfar, expresses skepticism, drawing parallels to past restrictions.

The method of enforcing the ban remains unclear, raising concerns about potential discrimination based on accents or identification checks.

The club is located near the Česká Skalice train station, opened in October and has become a gathering place for people from surrounding areas.

While the situation is described as average by local police, the ban has sparked discussions about its legitimacy and implications for inclusivity.

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