Jul 26, 2023

Seven Scenic Cycling Routes Across the Czech Republic

Summer is a fantastic time for cyclists, particularly when new cycling routes are being created throughout the Czech Republic.

These paths lead to picturesque places and are gaining popularity, encouraging more people to ride their bikes. Among the many favorite cycling paths, we have carefully selected seven well-tested and popular ones for you to explore.

The Elbe River Trail:

Consistently ranked among the most popular cycling routes, the Elbe River Trail is a diverse long-distance path in Europe. It forms a part of the EuroVelo 4 and EuroVelo 7 European cycling routes and spans 1300 kilometers from the source of the Elbe River to the North Sea.

If you prefer to stay within the Czech borders, there is a 370-kilometer section of the trail passing through Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Central Bohemia, and Ústí nad Labem. The entire Elbe River Trail offers countless sections to explore.

One of the most beloved segments is the 150-kilometer route from Prague to Českosaské Švýcarsko (Czech-Saxon Switzerland), taking you through Mělník, Litoměřice, Ústí nad Labem, and concluding in Děčín. It’s an ideal option for an extended weekend trip.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various landmarks and points of interest, such as Kuks, the Josefov and Terezín fortresses, Dvůr Králové nad Labem Zoo, and Lobkowicz Castle in Roudnice nad Labem. For essential information, such as route suggestions and accommodation options, you can visit the official website.

Třeboň educational trail:

The South Bohemian region, particularly around Třeboň, is a cycling paradise with stunning cycling paths. One such path is the Třeboň educational trail, a 39-kilometer closed circuit with 22 stops featuring information boards in Czech and English. These boards provide essential information about the Třeboň region and its history.

The trail includes several main stops, such as the Svět pond, Zlatá stoka medieval structures, Soví les, Vyšehrad pond, and the town of Třeboň itself.

At each of these stops, you can enjoy the magnificent landscape and observe rare bird and plant species or the famous Třeboň bogs. Throughout the route, you’ll also find several pubs and restaurants for refreshments.

Cycle path A1 — From Prague to Karlštejn:

A favorite route among residents of the capital city is the one leading to Karlštejn. Starting from the center of Prague, the path follows the Vltava River to Lahovice and then continues alongside the Berounka River through Radotín, Černošice, Dobřichovice, and Hlásná Třebáň until reaching Karlštejn.

This 26-kilometer route is relatively easy, consisting mostly of flat terrain. Along the way, you’ll come across places like the U Ondřeje bistro or the Říční lázně in Radotín for refreshments.

You can also find the Radotín Ski and Bike Centrum, where you can explore cycling-related products and get your bike repaired if needed. The ultimate destination is the magnificent Karlštejn Castle. For those who prefer not to cycle back, there’s the option to use the train service, which conveniently accommodates bicycles as well.

Morava wine paths:

For cycling and wine enthusiasts, the perfect destination is South Moravia, where the wine regions are interwoven with 1200 kilometers of cycling routes connected into 10 circuits named after the original wine regions. The main Moravian Wine Trail, 245 kilometers long, links Znojmo and Uherské Hradiště.

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Among the various options, the Bzenecká Trail offers a relaxed 30-kilometer ride suitable for family outings. The Znojemská Trail, on the other hand, covers 189 kilometers and connects 55 wine-growing villages. Another route, called Mikulovská, stretches for 84 kilometers and leads through the UNESCO-listed Lednice-Valtice area.

While wine tasting during your journey is not recommended due to the risk of alcohol and cycling, you can still explore the routes on foot and indulge in wine tasting without concerns.

The Golden Trail of the Bohemian Paradise:

The Bohemian Paradise is a beloved tourist destination, and the Golden Trail has been an integral part of this region since the late 1930s. The cycling version of the trail is slightly longer than the hiking path, spanning 122 kilometers. While most of the cycling route follows the hiking path, some sections divert to ensure nature conservation and safety.

The Golden Trail is more challenging and diverse compared to previous trails, making it unsuitable for road bikes. Elevation gains of up to 2300 meters can be expected in certain areas.

The route starts in Jičín and takes you past numerous major landmarks and sites in the Bohemian Paradise, including Kozákova, Frýdštejn, Valdštejn, Hrubé skály, and Kosti. There are abundant options for refreshments along the journey.

Liechtenstein paths:

The Liechtenstein Trails, known as “Lichtenštejnské stezky,” consist of six interconnected routes spanning the Lednice-Valtice area and a portion of Lower Austria. These trails are named after the famous noble family, the House of Liechtenstein. The main trail, the “Knížecí stezka” or Prince’s Trail, covers 86 kilometers and features an easy terrain.

It takes you around famous landmarks like Janov Castle, Dianina Temple, and the colonnades at Reistna. There are other easy trails, such as “Břeclavská” (16 kilometers), “Poštorenská” (12 kilometers), and “Lednická” (23 kilometers). For a slightly more challenging experience, you can opt for the 25-kilometer “Valtická” trail or the 40-kilometer “Habánská” route.

The cycling path along the Baťa Canal:

Finally, our cycling adventure concludes in the eastern region of Moravia, along the Baťa Canal. This delightful cycling path extends for over 80 kilometers, running parallel to the canal.

With its mostly asphalt surface, it caters not only to cyclists but also to inline skaters. The trail is exceptionally safe, as it is mostly isolated from motorized traffic, with only a few sections where you may encounter vehicles.

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