Oct 05, 2023

A Century in Flight: Czech Airlines Celebrates its 100th Anniversary!

It has been 100 years since the story of Czech Airlines began to be written.

Czech Airlines was founded on 6 October 1923. In 1937, it moved its base to Prague Airport, then the Ruzyně Airport.

The airline company has set up a special section on its website where facts, key events, stories and photos from its long history are presented.

The carrier also prepared a small gift for passengers on Czech Airlines flights on Friday, 6 October 2023 as a token of appreciation for their patronage.

In addition, members of the OK Plus loyalty program will receive a jubilee bonus of 1,923 miles into their account for taking Czech Airlines flights on the day of the carrier’s 100th anniversary.

Details of important historical milestones of Czech Airlines may be learned by visitors to Václav Havel Airport Prague at the exhibition called 100 Years of Czech Aviation History, put together by Prague Airport with Czech Airlines. The exhibition will be located in the connecting corridor between Terminals 1 and 2 from 6 October until the end of the year.

A special microsite of letisteslavi.cz was created to let the public learn all the interesting facts related to the current Czech Airlines anniversary. An integral part of the microsite is also a competition for four Czech Airline tickets to Paris and Madrid. In the future, Prague Airport will use the website to commemorate extraordinary milestones of other carriers.

“One hundred years of Czech Airlines history was marked by a number of key milestones, triumphs, and also challenges. Last but not least, it is also connected with memories and experiences of millions of passengers. I am glad that, considering the very difficult recent period through which the company had to navigate, Czech Airlines can celebrate the 100th anniversary of its establishment today, as the fifth oldest and still operating airline in the world,” Petr Kudela, Chairman of the Czech Airlines Board of Directors, said.

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Two limited commemorative gifts were created for the anniversary, namely a commemorative medal and a book called STO Let(adel) ČSA [A Hundred Years (Aircrafts) of Czech Airlines].

Both commemorative gifts will be available for purchase in the Václav Havel Airport Prague souvenir shop, located in Terminal 2, from the end of October.

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