Jul 01, 2024

Czech Olympic Uniforms for Opening Ceremony in Paris Revealed

In just a few weeks, Czech Olympians will debut their modern collection at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris.

This year, however, their outfits will feature unique details on their coats, shoes, and scarves, which the president of the Czech Olympic Committee, Jiří Kejval, praises highly.

“Even in the crowd, no one will miss us. This is what we want to achieve in the heart of Paris, the capital of fashion,” said Kejval.

The most striking element of the distinctive and modern collection is a blue and white trench coat, also inspired by the Czech “baloňák” coat, which the head of the Czech Olympic Committee, Jiří Kejval, said in a press release was meant to honour the host country due to the clothing item’s popularity in France.

This item was created in collaboration between the Czech Olympic Team, ALPINE PRO, and designer Jan Černý.

“My generation may be surprised by the design of the Opening Ceremony collection, but it will be worn mainly by young people who appreciate Jan Černý’s work. If the athletes feel comfortable in the clothes, they will have the confidence needed for their sporting performance, which we are all looking forward to,” added Kejval.

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris will take place from 26 July to 11 August, with some competitions starting on 24 July.

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Paris is the main host city, with events held at 16 other cities spread across Metropolitan France, plus one subsite in Tahiti—an island within the French overseas country and overseas collectivity of French Polynesia.

Paris 2024 will feature the debut of breakdancing as an Olympic event, and it will be the final Olympic Games held during the IOC presidency of Thomas Bach.

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