Mar 21, 2024

Czech Parliament Proclaims Russia as Country’s Main Security Threat

The lower chamber of the Czech Parliament, the House of Deputies, now officially defines Russia as Czechia’s main security threat and declares the need for continued support for Ukraine.

“The current terrorist regime in Russia, with its expansiveness and efforts to expand its sphere of influence on Ukraine and other European nations, accompanied by war crimes, poses the greatest security threat to the Czech Republic; therefore, it is in the fundamental interest of the Czech Republic that Putin’s war against Ukraine sees no success, that Ukraine defends and restores its territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders, and that the Russian regime is effectively deterred from further aggression against Europe,” reads the resolution adopted on March 21.

The resolution was developed by the ruling coalition and received the support of 84 lawmakers with a minimum threshold of 72 votes.

“Stopping the supply of military equipment would lead to the conquest and devastation of Ukraine by the Russian terrorist regime and the encouragement of this regime to further conquests against European states,” the resolution adds.

The House of Deputies also agreed that the government must continue to increase Czechia’s defense capability and fulfill its obligations to NATO, meaning contributing 2% of GDP to common defence efforts.

The Czech Republic has promised to supply 300,000 artillery shells to Ukraine as quickly as possible with first batches of them before June.

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