May 15, 2024

All Aboard! Czech Railways Unveils Summer 2024 Unlimited Travel Ticket

Czech Railways (České dráhy) has revealed its annual campaign for the summer of 2024, introducing the “Jízdenka na léto 2024” promotion.

This initiative offers passengers the opportunity to purchase special unlimited tickets for all domestic routes of the carrier, valid for either one or two weeks, at favorable rates.

Running from July 1st to August 31st, 2024, the promotion targets travelers intending to explore extensively within the Czech Republic during the summer holidays.

Ticket prices remain consistent with the previous year: 1390 CZK for seven days and 1990 CZK for fourteen days. Reduced rates of 695 CZK and 995 CZK are applicable for children under 18, students under 26, and pensioners.

These passes afford travelers unrestricted access to the Czech Railways network, spanning almost the entirety of the country.

As the largest railway operator in the nation, Czech Railways facilitates unlimited journeys and transfers, excluding only the Pendolino high-speed trains, which necessitate an additional fee for reserving specific seats.

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Sales for these passes commence on Saturday, June 15th, available for purchase at station ticket counters and via the company’s official website.

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