Czech Republic Public Holidays in 2019

 Throughout the year, several public holidays are specific to the Czech Republic so we thought it might be interesting to give you a detailed list of them!

Ten public holidays during 2019 fall on weekdays. 

This year, there are two four-day weekends: late March – early April (March 30 to April 2), and then in July (July 5 to 8). This means that over the course of the year there will be just 251 working days.

Holidays on July 6 (Jan Hus), September 28 (Czech Statehood), and November 17 (Struggle for Freedom Day) are, unfortunately, all on weekends.

  • 1 January, Tuesday: New Year’s Day
  • 19 April, Friday: Good Friday
  • 22 April, Monday: Easter Monday
  • 1 May, Wednesday: May Day
  • 8 May: Wednesday: Liberation Day
  • 5 July, Friday: St Cyril and St Methodius Day
  • 6 July, Saturday: Jan Hus Day
  • 28 September, Saturday: Statehood Day
  • 28 October: Monday: Independence Day
  • 17 November: Sunday: Freedom and Democracy Day
  • 24 December: Tuesday: Christmas Eve
  • 25 December: Wednesday: Christmas Day
  • 26 December: Thursday: 2nd Day of Christmas

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