Apr 04, 2024

Czech Republic Still Ranks Among Europe’s Safest Countries

The Czech Republic continues to be a beacon of safety in Europe, according to a recent crime and safety ranking.

While it dropped a few spots compared to last year, the country remains significantly safer than its neighbors.

A new index by Numbeo surveyed 43 European nations, placing the Czech Republic at 12th for safety.

This is a slight decrease from its 10th-place ranking in 2023. The Crime and Safety Index relies on public surveys, gauging people’s feelings of security during the day and night, as well as their fear of specific crimes like mugging or harassment.

Numbeo assigns crime rates a score from zero to one hundred. Very low crime falls between 20 and 40, while medium crime ranges from 40 to 60. High crime scores land between 60 and 80, with very high crime exceeding 80.

France, deemed the least safe country in Europe, received a score of 55.3. The Czech Republic, on the other hand, enjoyed a much lower rating of 26.8. This trend continues with the safety index, where the Czech Republic scored a reassuring 73.7.

Interestingly, all of the Czech Republic’s neighbors fared worse in the rankings. Austria came in 13th, Poland 14th, Slovakia 15th, and Germany placed a distant 27th.

For a complete picture, here’s a breakdown of the top five safest and most dangerous countries in Europe, based on the Numbeo index:


Isle of Man

Most Dangerous:

United Kingdom


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