Feb 07, 2024

Czechia Will NOT Have Euro Adoption Commissioner

European Affairs Minister Martin Dvořák (STAN) won’t appoint a commissioner for euro adoption, Prime Minister Petr Fiala of the Civic Democrats said on Tuesday evening after a special meeting of coalition government leaders.

Fiala stated that legislative issues related to the Czech Republic’s potential entry into the mechanism or the eurozone would be evaluated by the Legislative Council of the Government by October.

The previous day Mr. Dvořák had announced that he was naming economist Petr Zahradník in that position.

Other coalition parties criticized the minister for this move, as the government hadn’t agreed on filling the position of the national coordinator for euro introduction since 2017.

Government leaders the Civic Democrats are the only grouping in the five-party coalition opposed to the adoption of the single European currency at present.

“We have specific tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities. I was surprised that after 20 years, there are still no analyses of the euro adoption’s impact on the legal or constitutional order. Thanks to today’s government meeting results, this gap will be addressed,” Dvořák stated to ČTK.

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He also mentioned on the social network X that Zahradník is an excellent expert, regardless of whether his role is called a commissioner or an advisor.

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