Jan 15, 2024

Delta AirLines to Resume Direct Flights Between Prague and New York

American airline Delta Airlines has confirmed the resumption of direct flights between Prague and New York’s JFK airport starting May 10, 2024, as announced in a recent press release.

The airline plans to operate daily flights on this route until October 6, utilizing the Boeing 767-300 liner for the service.

The estimated travel time for the journey is 9 hours and 25 minutes.

Tickets for these flights are already available for purchase, with a base fare set at CZK 24,000 for a one-way trip.

“The resumption of direct flights to New York, which was one of the most attractive long-haul destinations from Prague in 2019, is excellent news,” said Jiří Pos, Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors. 

“It will be particularly appreciated by Czech passengers, who will gain a convenient and fast connection to the east coast of the United States.”

More choice in the U.S.

For customers looking to travel beyond New York, Delta offers same-day connections to 42 cities across the United States from its hub at JFK, making it easier to connect to friends, family and business colleagues.

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The airline has more flights from Europe to New York-JFK than any other carrier and has a total of 190 flights taking off every day this month. 

All Delta’s flights from the Czech Republic are operated in conjunction with its joint venture partners Air France, KLM and Virgin Atlantic.

Delta’s flights will be operated using Boeing 767-300 aircraft, featuring 25 seats in Delta One business class and 35 Delta Comfort+ and 165 Main Cabin seats, providing more choice to suit all needs and budgets.

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