Nov 07, 2023

EasyJet to Launch Direct Flight from Prague to Alicante

British low-cost carrier EasyJet is set to launch a new direct flight connecting Prague to the sunny Spanish city of Alicante, beginning operations on 1 April 2024, as announced in their recent press release.

The flight service is scheduled for twice a week, operating on Mondays and Fridays, with a travel time of nearly three hours.

Tickets for this convenient route are already available for purchase, starting at just 650 kronor for a one-way trip.

Notably, starting from 31 March, the German low-cost carrier Eurowings will resume its flights between Prague and Alicante after the winter hiatus.

This renewed competition is expected to positively impact ticket prices, offering travelers even more affordable options.

Situated at roughly the halfway point between Barcelona in the north and Gibraltar in the south of Spain, Alicante is the largest city located on the Costa Blanca stretch of the Spanish coastline.

A historic Mediterranean port, the city has benefitted hugely from the boom of the tourism industry over the last 60 years, as well as from an influx of Spanish and Europeans seeking a second residence by the sea.

This has since led to Alicante being able to offer visitors and locals an impressive range of restaurants and bars to sit in and while away the hours, and also a great variety of things to do in and around the city itself.

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You could spend a fortnight based here and find a different day-trip to embark upon each day, be it a boat ride to the beautiful island of Tabarca, a 30-minute train journey to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the city of Elche, or a tram ride up the coast to the charming localities of El Campello, Calpe or Denia.

That same tram will also take you to Benidorm, the infamous party town beloved by the Brits, the Irish and the Northern Europeans.

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