Apr 13, 2024

Experience Czech History: Ride a 19th-Century Steam Train!

Do you want to replace the car with another means of transport for a while? Plan a trip on an extraordinary train in the Osoblaha area.

A unique narrow-gauge railway line, which was put into operation in the late 19th century, still operates in the remote Bruntál district area near the Czech-Polish border.

Its track leads from Třemešná to Osoblaha and offers a stylish trip across interesting countryside.

Get on the train and enjoy the surrounding natural scenery accompanied by the sound of a motor or steam locomotive.

Historic trains run there from early May to November.

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In the Osoblaha area, where the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains gradually descend to the Silesian lowlands, one will find a narrow-gauge railway running from Třemešná ve Slezsku to Osoblaha.

The construction of this railway with a gauge of only 760 mm and a length of 20.218 km was started in the spring of 1898 and on 14th December of the same year, the first regular train was launched. The railway was incorporated in the newly established ČSD in 1918.

In 1938, the railway track was captured by the German Reich Railways. They used eight-wheel carriage passenger and freight cars. Frame-type multi-wheel trailers were delivered for transportation of the cars with usual gauge.

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The liberation battles in March 1945 badly damaged the Osoblaha area. Nevertheless, the railway track was miraculously spared. Its car fleet was however in a desperate state. With the restoration of normality in the region, the operation of narrow-gauge railway also returned.

From 1985 to 1989, the line underwent general repairs. Today the line and all equipment are in good condition, and ready for many more years of operation.


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