Jun 11, 2024

Eznis Airways to Offer Direct Flights from Prague to Mongolia

Prague Airport is to offer regular direct flights to Ulaanbaatar for the first time in its history.

The Eznis Airways carrier plans to operate flights to the capital of Mongolia two times a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, effective 10 July 2024, using a wide-body Airbus A330 with a capacity for 256 passengers.

This third direct European connection to Mongolia, which is to complement the only two other direct routes available, will also offer interesting options for connecting flights, for example, to Vietnam.

“We are very happy that the Eznis Airways carrier is launching a direct route from Prague to Ulaanbaatar. Approximately 12,000 Mongolians live in the Czech Republic, which is one of their largest communities in the European Union. In addition, Mongolia is a traditional trade partner of the Czech Republic. We believe, Czech tourists who will now be able to explore unknown Mongolia currently without the need for visas, will also be satisfied,” Jiří Pos, Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, said.

Mongolia no longer means just traditional yurts. Only 3.27 million people live in a country occupying an area of more than 1,500,000 square kilometres.

Mongolia is twenty times the size of the Czech Republic, but much of the country is covered by harsh steppes. To the south near the border with China, there is the Gobi Desert, which spreads across almost a third of the territory of Mongolia and is the sixth-largest desert in the world.

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This very desert is also considered to have the world’s largest deposit of dinosaur remains. Almost 1.5 million people live in the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

In today’s modern city, tourists will find not only high-rise buildings, but also monuments and traditional yurts. Visitors from the Czech Republic currently do not need a visa for short-term trips to Mongolia (up to 30 days) for the purpose of tourism.

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