Oct 20, 2023

Future of Western Civilisation is at Stake in Ukraine and Israel, Said Czech PM

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said at the SH!FTS conference that the future of Western civilisation and its basic values, such as respect for human life and respect for civilians, are at stake in Ukraine and Israel.

Fiala said that the nature of the conflict in Israel and the war in Ukraine is different: Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is a brutal but conventional military clash, while the attack by the Palestinian Hamas movement on Israel is pure terrorism.

However, Fiala noted, what they have in common is that Western civilisation is under attack and that both attacks will affect the international environment in the next decade.

“Security crises force us to respond to them and to change under their pressure,” Fiala said. He added that Czechia must refuse to be careless and prepare for all threats as best as it can. “There is no prosperity without security,” he stressed.

That is why it is necessary to support those who have been attacked by aggressors, Fiala said. He stated that the conflicts have also highlighted the importance of strengthening the resilience of the Czech Republic.

The Prime Minister reiterated that Czechia is increasing defence spending, which will reach 2% of GDP next year.

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Fiala stressed that, in addition to conventional defence, it is also necessary to work on strengthening the country’s social resilience, as the state is facing an increased level of propaganda and psychological warfare waged on information platforms.

He said that not only politicians but also anyone who can reach large audiences should focus on finding a consensus between all sections of society on a common ground.

“Maintaining a basic consensus in society will probably be the biggest challenge we face,” Fiala concluded.

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