Mar 26, 2024

GALLERY: This is What the Train Station at Prague Airport Will Look Like

The direct railway connection between Prague and Kladno, including a link to Václav Havel Airport, is progressing. 

On Monday, the Railway Administration received the final approval for the Prague-Václav Havel Airport station, marking a major step forward for the project.

The new railway will be double-tracked and electrified, enabling trains to travel outside Prague at speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. With departures planned every ten minutes, journeys will be significantly faster and more frequent.

“Currently, the connection between Prague and Kladno, the largest city in Central Bohemia, relies on a single-track, non-electrified line,” stated an earlier press release from Prague 7 regarding the project. “This outdated infrastructure simply cannot meet the demands of modern, high-capacity rail transport.”

The project also includes the modernization of existing stations and the addition of six new stops along the route.

Construction is planned to minimize disruption to residents and the environment, while maximizing infrastructure improvements. This significant upgrade will be particularly beneficial for residents of Kladno, Central Bohemia’s largest commuter hub.

The modernization of the Praha-Bubny – Praha-Výstaviště line is already underway. For the section connecting Prague-Výstaviště to Prague-Dejvice, the planning decision documentation is complete and submitted for approval.



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