Jan 05, 2024

Greater Ostrava Celebrates a Century of Unity

The Moravian-Silesian district town of Ostrava is gearing up to commemorate the centenary of the formation of the “Great Ostrava” (Velká Ostrava) this year.

The metropolitan area, a result of the unification of seven Moravian municipalities, namely Moravská Ostrava, Vítkovice, Přívoz, Mariánské Hory, Zábřeh nad Odrou, Hrabůvka, and Nová Ves, officially came into existence on January 1, 1924.

“Despite the challenges encountered during the Groß Ostrau project, it marked a pivotal success as it paved the way for Ostrava’s transformation into a modern city. The merger of previously distinct municipalities in the 1920s propelled a rapid development, epitomized by our distinctive New Town Hall. Not only is it the largest town hall building, but it also boasts the tallest tower in the Czech Republic. The formation of Greater Ostrava is etched in the annals of our country’s history,” affirmed Jan Dohnal, the city’s mayor.

Hana Šútková, director of the Ostrava City Archives, recalled that the first attempt to merge Ostrava took place before the First World War. However, it failed due to mutual animosity between Moravská Ostrava and Vítkovice, which were in competition with each other.

Residents and visitors alike can anticipate several events spanning the five districts and the seven locations constituting the Greater Ostrava area.

Festivities kick off with an exhibition at the New Town Hall, serving as the prologue to a series of events reaching their pinnacle on Museum Night, scheduled for June 15th.

Alongside exhibitions and lectures, citizens can partake in guided tours, workshops, dance events, a city festival, and a historical cabaret. Additionally, two plays delving into Ostrava’s history will take center stage.

For detailed information about these events, interested individuals can visit the official website.

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