Dec 02, 2023

Heavy Snowfall is Causing Problems Around the Czech Republic

Heavy snowfall is causing problems around Czechia. Many smaller roads are impassable and a heightened number of accidents are complicating traffic along the country’s main highways.

A state of emergency is in place in the South Bohemia region which had 75 centimeters of fresh snow overnight. Power outages have left thousands of people without heating.

Train services were halted in various parts of the Czech Republic, mainly due to trees falling on tracks or switches breaking down.

The South Bohemia region experienced most of the reported issues, affecting sections like Tábor – Pelhřimov and Ražice – České Budějovice. Snowfall also disrupted several fast train connections.

The Vysočina region also reports severe complications and drivers have been advised not to set out for the mountain regions if possible. Although road maintenance workers are out in force, the situation is complicated by fresh snow which should continue falling throughout the day.

Between 30 and 40 centimeters of fresh snow are expected to fall in southern Bohemia and Moravia, Prague should see between 15 and 30 centimeters of fresh snow on Saturday.

A truck accident on D1 towards Brno caused a 20-kilometer traffic jam. Radek Mátl, director general of the Czech Roads and Motorways Directorate, expressed the struggle to keep the roads passable despite extensive efforts.

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Various regions experienced additional problems.

In Central Bohemia, police responded to a collision on the I/3 road near Pětihost, resulting in a road closure. Western Bohemia faced slushy snow on the D5 near Plzeň, leading to accidents and road closures. In the Hradec Králové region, the D11 motorway experienced slushy snow or ice.

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