Dec 31, 2023

Hundreds of Police Officers Out in Force for New Year Celebrations in Prague

Hundreds of police officers will be on the capital’s streets during the New Year’s Eve celebrations to monitor safety and compliance with the ban on setting off pyrotechnics.

The ban applies in the center of the metropolis and also in parks, near hospitals, homes for the elderly or in the vicinity of the zoo. Violations are subject to fines.

Traditionally many people see the New Year on the streets of the Czech capital. According to Prague City Tourism 90,000 foreign visitors are celebrating New Year’s Eve in Prague this year. Several traffic restrictions are in force in the city centre in connection with the celebrations.

“Policemen from the law enforcement, traffic, and foreign police services, colleagues from the criminal police and investigation services, special and regional law enforcement units, and officers from the Municipal Police Hl. The City of Prague will supervise compliance with the decree in the areas and actively deal with its violations,” Kropáčová promised.

In the event of detecting an offense related to the use of pyrotechnics in restricted areas, individuals, legal entities, or business operators may face fines of up to 100,000 crowns in administrative proceedings.

Alternatively, the police have the authority to levy on-the-spot fines of up to 10,000 crowns through an expedited procedure.

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“We wish to notify citizens that the prohibition on the use of ‘lucky lanterns’ remains in effect across the entire capital. The river department’s police officers stand prepared to offer assistance on both the surface and beneath the Vltava, collaborating with the City of Prague’s Municipal Police and water rescuers,” stated spokesperson Kropáčová.

Prague will not have a fireworks display or a video mapping show this year. Instead, people will get admission for free (or at a symbolic price) to Prague Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Prague towers and some other institutions on January 1.

Visitors will be asked to present a public transport card or ID to prove that they live in Prague.

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