Mar 21, 2024

‘It’s a stag paradise’: Why Prague is the ‘gold standard’ for Brits’ last night of freedom

Open-all-hours strip joints, £1 pints, and “Europe’s hottest women” – no wonder Prague is the ultimate stag paradise.

After three decades as a nightlife capital, Prague is still the ‘gold standard’ that stag parties are measured against, says Matt Mavir, managing director of leading UK stag and hen organiser Last Night of Freedom.

And Brits just can’t get enough, with the city currently the fifth most popular destination in Europe for men to cut loose ahead of their wedding.

Whether it’s a pub crawl around the traditional Old Town, a night in a VIP lap dancing bar or a trip to the red light district and nightclubs of the New Town, the city’s unbeatable party credentials are all included in Last Night of Freedom’s new Prague Stag Do Guide.

Matt said: “Prague has always been among our very top destinations for Brit stags to escape into hedonism, and I can’t ever see that changing. There’s just so much to do, see and experience.

“Of course there’s the history, culture and unbelievable activities for stags – but let’s be honest, most men are drawn to the incredible nightlife, strip joints and underground clubs.

“It’s so perfect, we’ve even had a customer who arranged a ‘one man stag do’ to experience everything Prague has to offer, including the strip clubs, all by himself.”

Last Night of Freedom has built up 25 years of expertise by arranging more than 45,000 stag and hen weekends for keen nearly-weds.

Its guide to Prague spells out why it’s so popular – including a list of top 10 bars, the best activities and travel information.

For those new to the city, Prague New Town, centred around Wenceslas Square, is an obvious choice. It’s packed with cool bars like underground Nebe Cocktail and Music Bar Celnice and mega clubs like Duplex, that was the venue for Mick Jagger’s 60th birthday.

The Old Town is an altogether different vibe, home to old-fashioned pubs known for cheap beer and a good time, as well as some cracking Irish bars. It’s also where you’ll find Karlovy Lazne – the largest club in central Europe- which boasts the Robotic Bar which serves cocktails made by robot arms.  

The most famous strip club in Prague is Goldfingers, one of the most extravagant in the city, known for its out-there cabaret shows. There’s also Hot Peppers, a large lap dancing club that has VIP champagne lounges for groups wanting to splash out.  

Prague’s activities are also unrivalled. Classic stag do activities like go-karting and paintballing sit alongside others unique to the Czech capital like the pedal beer boat – a pedal-powered vessel with unlimited booze – while there’s even a tank ride, or if you’re feeling up for it, a machine gun shooting session. 

You can take things a step further with a stag do prank. Fake police officers can arrest the stag, or mates can give him the fright of his life by convincing him he’s doing a bungee jump, before pushing him into a small pool of cold water.

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