Dec 11, 2023

James Bond is Here! Exhibition of 007’s Cars for the First Time in Prague

Prague 7 (or as we could refer to as Prague 007) is currently showcasing over 75 original exhibits from James Bond movies.

Legendary cars, as well as planes, helicopters, and maritime and space vessels used by Her Majesty’s agents, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, can be found in the 3,000 square meters space.

Each exhibit comes with not only a description but also a screen showing how the particular vehicle or prop was used in the film. And of course, there is a bar where they mix Bond’s favorite Martini for you. So, shake, not stir! And let’s look into four examples of vehicles that await you at the exhibition.

1) BMW R1200C (Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997)
One of the vehicles you can look forward to is the BMW R1200C motorcycle, which comes to you straight out of the iconic motorbike chase sequence of the film. Stunt man Jean-Pierre Goy used it to jump an incredible 12-metre jump without a helmet or any protection, risking it all only to make a triumphant landing, receiving a great round of applause from the cast and crew of the film. This addition to the exhibition was recommended by Meg Simmonds, Director of the EON Productiction Archive.

2) Land Rover Defender (Skyfall, 2012)
The James Bond films have an interesting connection to Prague, as Casino Royale was filmed here with Barrandov film studios. The Land Rover Defender was recommended to the exhibition by stunt coordinator Lee Morrison, who has worked on four other James Bond films, as well as the Indiana Jones series, Tomb Raider, The Avengers, Wonder Woman and Dune: Part Two.

Lee Morrison adds, “I remember when we filmed Casino Royale here in Prague. We collaborated with the team from Barrandov, who were amazing people. Almost everything I see here evokes strong emotions in me, and I have some connection to it, having experienced something or had some extreme adventure. Probably the most striking exhibit is the Land Rover from Skyfall. Above it is the Honda I jumped off a roof with, and in the background of the photo is the Audi I drove. It’s like my dream living room here, a piece of my life and emotions in every view.”

3) Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger, 1964)
The Aston Martin DB5 was an addition made to the exhibition by actress Maryam d’Abo, who played a musician from Czechoslovakia, whom James Bond (Timothy Dalton) falls in love with and rides down a snowy slope in a cello case, in the film The Living Daylights.

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“Yes, there’s also that cello case with which I have strong emotions connected; we filmed the scene without stunt doubles, and that thing was completely uncontrollable. Nevertheless, my favorite is still the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger with Sean Connery. It’s just a beautiful car,” she says.

4) Rotating Device Range Rover & Aston Martin (Die Another Day, 2002)
Special Effects Supervisor, Chris Corbould, recommended the Rotating Device Range Rover and Aston Martin for the exhibition. Corbould’s work represents the core of James Bond Films as he is the real-life Q, who invents gadgets for the agent and ensures a jaw-dropping impact on viewers. His team holds two Guinness World Records for the most cannon rolls in a car (7 in Casino Royale) and the largest explosion.

In addition to Bond films, he has worked on movies from the Mummy, Tomb Raider, X-Men, The Dark Knight, and Star Wars series. He is an Oscar winner for the film Inception. “I worked on a total of 15 Bond films. The ones that impacted me the most were probably GoldenEye because there was a long break in filming before it, No Time to Die, and certainly Casino Royale because it was the first Bond film with Daniel Craig, marking a new era for Bond films for me,” he adds.

The exhibition is a must-go for Bond fans, and cinephiles alike, but also for car enthusiasts who would like to look into the long-running relationship between cars, motorbikes, and the Bond films. Each vehicle represents a finely chosen instrument for the films and carries with it a history of its own.

  • When: December 7, 2023 – March 31, 2024.
  • Where: Křižíkovy Pavilions B and C at Výstaviště Praha
  • Admission: Prices range from 95 – 1495 CZK, adult tickets 445 CZK, family tickets 995 CZK.

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