Aug 28, 2023

Karlín International Cuisine Festival Returns on September 3

Visitors can taste African, American, Asian or European specialties. The Festival of International Cuisine takes place at Karlínské náměstí.

The Karlín International Cuisine Festival is a celebration of the many cultures and diversity represented across the world.

Through live music, cultural displays, international food and drinks, a kids’ zone, and craft and merchandise vendors, visitors are able to explore a mosaic of different countries.

“We have representatives of four continents. You can taste something from each continent, and of course, there are also different stands selling authentic products, spices, and drinks,” said Veronika Brabcová, market organizer.

“We will introduce you to Peruvian cuisine, you will discover the charms of Armenia and its culture, and of course there will be Asian cuisine in its many forms”, added Brabcová.

“The festival showcases the rich cultures and diverse communities that contribute to our vibrant city,” added Brabcová.

Organizers will also set up creative workshops and a stand for henna body paint. Live music will be provided by the IBBI and CREW, and DJ Hlava.

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