Apr 06, 2024

Kenya’s Sebastian Sawe Breaks Course Record to Win Prague Half-Marathon

Kenyan long-distance runner Sebastian Sawe has clinched victory at the Prague Half-Marathon smashing the course record with a sensational time of 58 minutes and 24 seconds.

The reigning World Half Marathon champion outpaced a competitive field to secure his triumph improving his personal best and setting a new benchmark in the event’s history.

Sawe, 29, entered the race on the back of a seventh-place finish at the recent World Athletics Cross Country Championships.

Despite this, he arrived in Prague with confidence, buoyed by a previous personal best of 58:29 from his victory at the 2022 Bahrain Royal Night Half Marathon.

His performance in Prague not only surpassed his own expectations but also broke the course record of 58:47 set by Ethiopia’s Atsedu Tsegay.

The race saw Sawe taking a decisive lead from his compatriots, Geoffrey Toroitich Kipchumba and Patrick Kabirech Mosin, at the 10km mark.

Kipchumba and Mosin, known for their performances in previous marathons, could not match Sawe’s pace, finishing second and third with times of 60:02 and 60:15 respectively, securing a Kenyan 1-2-3 finish.

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Before the race, Carlo Capalbo, president of the RunCzech organizing committee expressed his anticipation stating to Athletics Weekly.

“Every year, star endurance athletes come to Prague, but this year, it is an absolute running extravaganza. We are very pleased and believe that Sawe’s performance will be one of the highlights of this year’s event,” he said.

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