Large Stores to Close on September 28

Large stores will be closed on September 28, which is a national holiday for St Wenceslas, also called Czech Statehood Day. The ban on stores being open took effect last year so shop workers could have a day off, like most other people. But some stores are choosing to defy the ban based on its vague wording.

The only large supermarkets in Prague that will be legally open are Billa stores at Václav Havel Airport Prague and at the train station Praha hlavní nádraží.

Fines for breaching the law can be levied in an amount up to 1 million crowns.

The law closing most large stores on holidays will continue to be in effect on Christmas Eve on Decemeber 24 (on the afternoon), Christmas Day on December 25 and St Stephen’s Day on December 26. 

On September 28 in the year 935 A.D. (some sources say earlier, in 929), Czech Prince Wenceslas of the Přemyslid dynasty, was murdered in the town of Staré Boleslav, the victim of a plot orchestrated by his treacherous brother Boleslav in a ruthless bid for power. Even entire families of Wenceslas’s supporters – even innocents – were murdered. 

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