Dec 07, 2023

Legendary Pet Shop Boys to Take the Stage at O2 Universum in Prague

The legendary British synth-pop duo, The Pet Shop Boys, will perform at Prague’s O2 Universum concert hall on 1 July 2024, as part of their “Dreamworld: Greatest Hits Live” tour.

The Pet Shop Boys (Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe) are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful duo in the history of British music.

Since their signing to Parlophone Records in 1985, they have had 42 UK Top 30 singles, including 22 Top 10 hits and four number one hits. They have released 14 studio albums and are currently working on their 15th studio album, due out in Spring 2024.

In their live performances, Pet Shop Boys have created an original style of pop musical theatre, collaborating with a wide range of directors, designers, and artists.

To date, the duo has performed in 63 countries to an audience of millions, headlining festivals including Roskilde, Primavera, Bestival, and, in 2022, the Glastonbury Festival. They previously performed in Prague in 2010.

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Their first greatest hits tour, “Dreamworld: Greatest Hits Live”, kicked off in Milan in May 2022, touring arenas in Europe and the UK since then.

London’s Evening Standard described their performance at London’s O2 Arena as “an ecstatic showcase of 40 years of genius”.

Tickets are available from 10 am on Friday, 8 December, from Ticketmaster and Ticketportal

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