Dec 19, 2023

MAMA Shelter in Prague Offers Special Christmas Menu: Here’s What You Can Get

If gathering around the table with a homecooked traditional meal sounds a bit too labor intensive, you’ll be glad to know that while many Prague restaurants close over the holidays, a handful will be offering Christmas feasts on December 24-25.

Mama Shelter Hotel in Prague is gearing up to treat locals and expats alike to a special Christmas menu on December 24-25.

This Christmas, it invites guests to embark on a gastronomic journey featuring a blend of traditional Czech flavors and international delights.

Mama Shelter presents a menu that captures the essence of Czech Christmas traditions. Among the tempting starters is the iconic mushroom Kuba, and a fish soup with roe, root vegetables, and croutons.

Turning the spotlight to Czech classics, the main course features a duck served with cabbage. This dish, steeped in tradition, brings forth the warmth and comfort associated with Christmas feasts.

You can also try the unique combination of ginger hummus with eggplant rolls, a fusion that marries Middle Eastern and European influences.

Reservations are possible at [email protected]

Prices for three three-course menu is CZK 960 including a welcome drink, live music, and a small Mama present!

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